This is one of my favorite episodes of all time!

Ever wondered about the therapeutic impact of hypnosis on dogs? Prepare to have your mind blown as we delve into a captivating chat with John Morgan, a professional hypnotherapist and the genius behind Hypnosis for Dogs. John’s vast experience in hypnotherapy is a treasure trove of insights. The star of our chat, however, remains his innovative product – Hypnosis for Dogs, an intriguing intersection of pet care, sound science, and mental health.

John unravels how Baroque music, slowed down to a specific tempo, and vocal rhythms work wonders in calming pets and making them more trainable. There’s more! Animals, possessing heightened senses, can greatly benefit from these sound frequencies.

A discussion about hypnosis for Self-Image starts at about 14:30.

About John Morgan

John Morgan used to run seminars all over the United States to stop smoking and lose weight. Although his website is no longer active, you can still purchase his Hypnosis for Dogs on Amazon:


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0:00:00 – Dr. Liz

Hey everyone. Dr Liz, here I’m airing some of my favorite episodes of all time because they happened early in the podcast and you won’t see them pop up on your podcast list or any of that, so this is one of them. Hope you enjoy it. Peace, hello and welcome to the hypnotize me podcast. I’m Dr Liz and this is the podcast about hypnosis, transformation and healing.

Today is all about hypnosis for dogs. This is the cutest product, I swear. It just totally makes me laugh. But after speaking to John Morgan about it, it is base on really sound principles. I think you’ll be really interested in it, particularly if you have, like, an anxious dog. I had an anxious dog in my life at one point and I think this would have really helped him.

In the second half of the interview he talks about hypnosis for self-image and self-esteem. So if you don’t care about the dog part, you can skip ahead to about minute 14 or so to catch that part of the interview. All right, let’s jump in. So I am here with John Morgan today and I am really happy to interview him. I ran across a hypnosis for dogs product and I was fascinated by it. I have a little rescue dog myself and I know that whenever I do meditations or hypnosis recordings, she always falls asleep. So I thought what’s going on here? Like let me talk to this guy and see how he came up with this? And then I discovered he actually has a lot of other products as well. So we’re going to start with the dogs and then jump into other stuff probably. So good morning John.

0:01:58 – John Morgan

Top of the morning. Elizabeth, Thanks for having me on your show.

0:02:01 – Dr. Liz

Thanks for being here. Let’s start with a question that I ask a lot of my guests is what was your first experience with hypnosis?

0:02:10 – John Morgan

Well, I actually talk about this on my website, johnmorganseminarscom, under our stop smoking video that we offer. It was many moons ago. A matter of fact, it was 1972. I was working in Watertown, new York. It was my first job away from home after getting out of the military and I wasn’t feeling up to par. I went to see a local doctor up there out in the country. The guy checked me out. He had his stethoscope, this and that, and finally, when it was all done, he said son, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you other than the fact that you might be a little bit homesick. He said but I tell you this, on your way out of here, those things in your top pocket and I had a pack of cigarettes in my top pocket, he said I crushed them and throw them away. Well, I walked out of his office. There was a wooded area behind his office. I crushed the pack of cigarettes in my hand and I threw them into the woods, and that is the last time I had a cigarette. That was July 10th 1972.

0:03:20 – Dr. Liz


0:03:21 – John Morgan

What I didn’t realize till years later was this guy had me in an emotional frame of mind. He didn’t know he was doing hypnosis, but he was. He had an emotional frame of mind. He offered me a suggestion. It’s coming from a source that I not revere but nevertheless respect this doctor. He knows more about health than I do and he gives me a suggestion. And that was my first introduction to hypnosis. But I didn’t realize it was hypnosis until years later. So that’s great.

0:03:55 – Dr. Liz

So then, how did you decide to do it yourself, like, how did you decide to get training in it? And what was your path to it.

0:04:01 – John Morgan

I was on vacation. Actually, I was reading books about it and curious. Like most people, when they get into any walk of life, they’re a little bit curious about it and they research it a little bit. So I read some books and this and that and took a couple of classes at community colleges and you know, trying to get a little bit of a handle on what this stuff was. I was on vacation and I was watching TV and there was this gent on there who was doing pain management for childbirth and this was just fascinating to me.

So after the broadcast was over, I called the producer of the TV show and I said who was that guy? He said oh, he’s the guy from Michigan. So I got his telephone number, I called him, I told him what my experience level was and he said you know what he said you might want to hook up with my ex-business partner and he’s moved back to your neck of the woods and he’s always looking for good people. So I looked up his ex-business partner, I told him who I was, what I did, and he said well, come view some of my seminars. So I viewed his seminars and after the seminar he came over to me and he said so what did you think? I said oh, that’s terrific. I said I can do that. Well, I was filled with confidence, but he wasn’t. He said well, why don’t you come to a few more? So I followed him around like a puppy dog and one night he invited me up to do a hypnosis induction. After that he hired me, and that was some 34 years ago.

0:05:41 – Dr. Liz

Wow, and you do seminars now yourself, like you offer the seminars you have for a long time.

0:05:47 – John Morgan

So we do nationwide, we do stop smoking seminars and we do weight loss seminars. We do corporate seminars, sometimes for stress management and things of that nature as well as stop smoking and weight loss and giving people tips on how to improve their self-image, their confidence, things of that nature. That’s what we do. But you were asking about the hypnosis for dogs.

0:06:13 – Dr. Liz

Yes, yeah, let’s get to that. How did you come up with that?

0:06:17 – John Morgan

Well, it’s an interesting story. The fellow who’s my business partner wasn’t always my business partner. He was my friend and we were in the radio business together, meaning we were broadcasters, and we met some 40 years ago. He had this spirited dog named Spike and we had a little beagle named Snuffy. Well, spike was just a springer spaniel and it was like he was on a pogo stick. What I was doing is the same thing you talked about right at the beginning, about you know your dog going to sleep with you or going into a restful mode when you were listening to meditation recording or something.

What I found was that my dog was doing the same thing you were doing. I was listening to my own stuff and I noticed that the dog was relaxing. So I just said well, that’s kind of cool. I didn’t do anything with it and my business partner called me up, said can you do something with Spike? Your dog seems to be gentle. We went over there and I did what I did and his dog seemed to calm down. So that was the end of it. I didn’t think about it after that. I was just helping out a friend. But years later I’m perusing. Oh, it was in the 80s and I learned about these recordings of Baroque music that you it was. I’m trying to think of the name of it now accelerated learning kind of stuff.

0:07:51 – Dr. Liz

Oh yeah.

0:07:52 – John Morgan

Those were big in the 80s. Yeah, exactly these tapes you would listen to and while you were studying or reading your text or whatever. It would calm the noise in your mind and help the stuff get in a little bit quicker.

0:08:07 – Dr. Liz

Yeah, they had all kinds of different ones, I think. I mean, I remember a program for speed reading which, honestly, like, changed my life, since I was going to college and graduate school. Well, I still use the techniques today, so I remember those programs.

0:08:21 – John Morgan

Same stuff. So I was listening to them and super learning is what it was, thank you. So I was listening to those tapes and then, oh I don’t know, maybe it was about 10, 11 years ago I came across this book called Through a Dog’s Ear and I said let me read this. And I read in there that they were doing the exact same thing I was doing, except they were marketing it. In other words, they said that what they did is took Baroque music and they slowed it down to a different tempo. I said, well, I’ll add the vocal rhythms to that. So what I did?

I had a friend of mine who was a musician. I said can you play Baroque music? You go sure. I said can you slow it down? He said it’s not going to sound very good. I said I don’t care. I said I just want it to be this tempo. He said, yes, I can do that. So he did it. I added the vocal rhythms and I added the, you know, told people what to do with the recording and went to a photographer and had a picture of my dog taken and put it on the cover. And the cover of the CD is Snuffy, the Black Nose Beagle who just passed in October.

0:09:46 – Dr. Liz

Oh sorry.

0:09:48 – John Morgan

It was sad to have been. I mean, you know, if you’ve ever been through that, you know what it’s like. It’s like losing a family member.

It is yes, but that was the beginning of Hypnosis for Dogs, and what I found out in my research was that dogs animals in general, but specifically dogs mimic the nervous system in certain ways of a human being, so these rhythms that work on the human being also work on dogs, for example. Animals are attuned to senses much more than human beings and rhythms, for example, over there in that I think it was 2004, was it? Or when they had the tsunami over in, wherever that was.

Yeah, I don’t remember the year, but yeah, yeah, whenever that was Well before the measuring devices detected that the tsunami was coming. Elephants in the area headed for the high ground.

0:10:48 – Dr. Liz

Oh, interesting.

0:10:49 – John Morgan

And that is you know. They have a sense. You know watch if you have a dog, anybody that’s listening if they have a dog. Watch or listen, if you will, to your dog when the UPS or FedEx truck is in the area and you don’t know it. They know it beforehand because those are big diesel trucks with rumbling engines that they hear blocks before you do.

0:11:14 – Dr. Liz

Right, yeah.

0:11:15 – John Morgan

They sense it. And then all of a sudden they’ll woof and you’ll say, well, they barking at it, there’s nothing out there. Then, all of a sudden, this brown truck will pull up.

0:11:23 – Dr. Liz

Right, they know before we do. The package is going.

0:11:26 – John Morgan

So the hypnosis for dogs is basically listen to the recording with your animal and I use the words relax and calm down and it’s sort of like a training method. It’s not gonna get your dog to jump through hoops or be a trained seal. That’s not what the purpose is. The purpose is to get the dog to calm down and not be as frenetic. You know a lot of people when they leave the house and they leave their dog home, they turn on the animal planet on TV like that’s gonna do something.

0:11:55 – Dr. Liz

You know what?

0:11:56 – John Morgan

yeah, it’s gonna keep them company. Oh, they’ll hear chirping birds and chimpanzees and it does nothing. But if you put this recording on loop when you leave, it leaves this soothing music and rhythm that attunes itself to the dog’s nervous system and kind of like your dog when you listen to your meditation tapes, they calm down, and when a dog is calmed down they’re more apt to respond to your. I don’t like the word commands, but suggestions.

0:12:28 – Dr. Liz

Yes, they’re easier to train, they’re easier to handle. They’re not destroying the house right.

0:12:36 – John Morgan

One woman in Rhode Island raises horses and she asked me if it would work. I said well, you know, I’m of the opinion we never know anything until we try. I don’t know what won’t work, you know. So let’s give it a go, as the British say. So I got this real nice email or letter I forget what’s now, but she was telling me how her horses are all much calmer because she placed it in the stables.

0:13:04 – Dr. Liz

Oh my gosh, that’s great, that’s great.

0:13:08 – John Morgan

Yeah, so that’s the back and forth about hypnosis for dogs.

0:13:14 – Dr. Liz

Okay, so it’s a calming tape for them, to help them.

0:13:17 – John Morgan

It’s a calming recording, yeah, and it attunes itself to their nervous system If you listen to it with them and you know are stroking them in rhythm with the music or rhythm of the vocal tones. That enhances, you know, your communication, if you will, rather than conscious communication with the animal. You’re hooked up on a energy level versus command level. If you will sit, you know stand.

0:13:47 – Dr. Liz

Yeah, well, I would imagine it would be calming for the owner as well.

0:13:52 – John Morgan

It is oh yeah. Well, a lot of people say, hey, what happened there? I you know, all of a sudden, I was listening and I was gone.

0:13:59 – Dr. Liz

Yeah right.

0:14:01 – John Morgan

It’s just. Yeah, it’s very calming for the owner as well.

0:14:04 – Dr. Liz

And we know that. You know there’s I don’t know how many Cesar Melanches I’ve watched right, but it’s like whenever there’s an anxious dog he works with the owner to like. You’ve got to calm down first and really communicate that energy.

0:14:19 – John Morgan

He’s incredible.

0:14:22 – Dr. Liz

Yeah, so he’s about that energy attunement. So I could see how, like yes, all right, let’s put this on and the owner calms down, and then the dog’s able to calm down, and then the dog can also associate that with the owner later, like so, even if you’re gone, the music comes on and it’s a nice calm energy.

0:14:41 – John Morgan

Yeah, I agree with that whole heartedly.

0:14:42 – Dr. Liz

Wonderful. Any other products that you want to highlight during our interview?

0:14:49 – John Morgan

Well, we anybody can go to my website and decide what’s important to them. You know we offer a number of products and we do two seminars nationwide. They’re done in specific cities throughout the course of the year. We call them stop smoking forever, or lose weight and keep it off, and we also offer those seminars on DVD.

0:15:12 – Dr. Liz

How long do the seminars run? I guess someone wants to sign up for that then.

0:15:16 – John Morgan

Yeah, usually around two hours.

0:15:18 – Dr. Liz

Okay, so it’s like a Saturday morning or something that.

0:15:21 – John Morgan

Actually, we do ours in the evening.

0:15:23 – Dr. Liz

Evening okay.

0:15:24 – John Morgan

They’re done around the country and again, people can see the seminar calendar on my website, johnmorganseminarscom. But the other products that we offer there are a number of them. One of the biggest sellers at our seminars in the past has been the improve yourself image. Basically, what that is is that we all carry around an image of ourselves in our head that, by and large, got in there by accident. We didn’t have a lot to do with it. You know, when I do a seminar, I ask people. I said, how many people in this room have the same religion as your parents? And you know, a good portion of the hands go up. I said did they ask your permission?

0:16:08 – Dr. Liz

That’s a great question.

0:16:10 – John Morgan

They didn’t. You got it by osmosis. You know whether you’re a Hindu, whether you’re a Christian, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent. You know a lot of this stuff gets in there before you even know what you know. Learning is about.

0:16:27 – Dr. Liz


0:16:28 – John Morgan

And it permeates itself from generation to generation, like the Hatfields and the McCoys, if you will. What I get people curious about is that, the image that they’re carrying around with them. So I do a little exercise with them that takes them back to when they were five years old and see a picture of themselves in their mind, or imagine what they looked like when they were five. Then I move them up to when they were, you know, in the first grade and the third grade and teenagers and adulthood, and ask them to notice the changes that have gone on. And then, after I do all that metamorphosis from you know youth to wherever they are now, I get them to go to what they would call a calm place, if you will, a place that Right, a safe space are real.

What I ask them to do is picture themselves the way they’d like to be pictured, in other words, how they’d like to act, how they’d like to do. And what I have them do is take the original picture of themselves you know that they evolved to and set it aside. And then we go to that place and then I have them craft this new picture of who they are, and then what I ask them to do is blend those two pictures together and the knitting of who you evolved to and who you want to be come into play, and out of that comes a whole new perspective, a whole new image. And you know obviously you have to do it more than once All new learning needs to be reinforced, to become long-term learning, and if you do that, you’re going to find that you come away with a different picture of yourself that you carry around in your mind.

0:18:10 – Dr. Liz

Yes, wonderful. It sounds like you’re doing some healing of those old self-images that get developed through childhood and adolescence even early adulthood and then Actually, as you know you know, being a hypnotist yourself it’s like we really don’t do anything.

0:18:29 – John Morgan

It’s like, no, we don’t have any power, we’re just activating what’s already in that other person there.

0:18:37 – Dr. Liz

Yes, you know, their forces. Yeah, they’re doing the healing, we’re just guiding them, yeah exactly.

0:18:42 – John Morgan

We’re like a Sherpa going up there to the Amaliyas or MLA’s or whatever you call them.

0:18:48 – Dr. Liz

Yes, that’s true. Well, that sounds wonderful, whoever’s listening. I am going to have John’s website in the show notes and you’re welcome to go to his website and see these wonderful products that he has to help you on your way if you’re a dog owner or if you’re not a dog owner either way. So thank you so much for being here today, john. I really appreciate it.

0:19:11 – John Morgan

Yeah, I really do too, Elizabeth. This has been a pleasure to be on with you and your listeners, and I wish you continued success with your show. Sounds like you’re doing great work.

0:19:20 – Dr. Liz

Thank you. So that was John Morgan. I knew the first time I saw his product that this was going to be a fun interview to do, because I was like, oh my gosh, anyone who’s going to do hypnosis for dogs is going to be fun to talk to you, right? I loved hearing how he really based his product on the energy exchange between an owner and a dog and how to calm down both of us, right. Like we know, our dogs get excited when we get excited and our dogs generally come down when we calm down. So that product is really going to help you do that. I also liked hearing about his other product around self esteem and self image. What a wonderful topic. I knew, talking to him before and after the interview, that he’s a really kind person. I think that shows through our products often like what we’ve decided to focus on.

So that’s it for this week. People have a lovely, lovely week, peace. If you’d like this episode, do me a favor and write, review and subscribe on whatever player you like or, better yet, you can share the episode with a friend and let them know about the podcast. If you want to know more about me, you can head over to my website DrLyds hypnosiscom. That’s D R L I Z hypnosiscom. You can check out my downloads and see if there’s one that could help you in your life where you can join the newsletter and get a couple of free ones. Have a wonderful week.

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