Goal Setting on a Timeline

Part of a 4 part series – One way of setting goals is with a timeline! This is a step that surprisingly people skip way too often.


Today I’m going to talk about goal setting.

I absolutely love setting goals. I think they’re fun. It’s a fun test that I do every year and from time to time. On my website, there’s a whole blog post about how to set goals and there’s an absolutely free primer on how to set goals. You don’t even have to join a newsletter. I know that’s a miracle, you can just go there and get it for free and get started on your own goal setting.

For years, people have asked me: “How are you so productive?” I owned a whole other company for 10 years besides being a psychotherapist, I ran that company. I did this. I’m a single mom to two girls and often I’m extremely productive and the secret to that I really believe is being able to set goals. So not just daily goals and those weekly lists that happened but also long-term goals in my life.

So generally, these days I say six-month, one-year, two-year, and five-year goals. I don’t go much past five years because so much happens and changes in those five years. I don’t find that really useful but those other time periods are really important. I also write goals as if they’ve already happened. So, when I was looking to sell my company, I wrote the goal of “My company will be sold and it will bring in this mountain of money and I will be really happy afterward and the new owner will be fantastic” and all of those things came true!

So that’s a really important piece, to write them as if they already happened. These days, I record them on my phone. I record them, just a simple voice file and I use a program called Dropbox VOX and it’s really effective. It just uploads it right to my dropbox and then I listen to those goals every morning while I walk the dog. You can listen to them while you exercise, you can listen while you brush your teeth. The key here is to listen to them on a regular basis and at the end of my goals, I put in there some affirmative statements like ‘You are worthy, you’re doing a great job, you’re going to make it just fine. You’re going to be okay. I love you.” things like that. I found that as I walk in the morning and I’m listening to the goals and sometimes my mind wanders, sometimes it comes back but it’s really nice to hear the support of statements at the end. I look forward to them every day. 

So hopefully that helps you set some goals in your life and get you on your way.

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