Goal Setting – Birthday Goals

4 Part Series on Goal Setting to increase productivity. This one is how to set Birthday Goals! A fun way to set goals for the year!



Today, I’m going to talk about goal setting. This is three of a four-part series and one of the forms that I love to do on my birthday every year is to set the number of goals that I’m turning that year and that I’m in my 40s now. So yes, that’s a lot of goals.

One of my most popular newsletters ever was how to do that. How do you set that many goals? My advice to you is to break them down. So when I first started doing this, I was probably in my early 30s and I quickly figured out that in order to do this, I had to really break down goals.

So, redoing the kids’ room was not just redoing the kids’ room. It was:

  1. Pick a paint color for the kids’ room.
  2. Pick new sheets
  3. Get some art for the kids’ room
  4. Redo the floors (redo the floors in itself is like five goals)
  5. Pick the flooring you want
  6. Go and actually buy the floor
  7. You want to hire someone to install it or at the time bug my husband to install it until it’s done
  8. Clean the floors
  9. Clean the walls

You can see that it can quickly break down into several goals, in fact, I recommend this if you’re struggling with a bigger goal. So a big one for people is health insurance. Health insurance is like “Oh my god!”

All right, so that’s it for today.

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