Get Light when you Wake up to Sleep Better Later


Hey everyone Dr. Liz here. People do not think about better sleep starting the minute they wake up actually. So i always recommend that you go out and get a little bit of light when you wake up whenever you can.

If you can get a minute or two, fantastic. If you can get a couple of seconds of light, even through a window, great!

If you can get out in the direct sunlight, even better really.

You’ll often see my videos filmed over on instagram in my backyard because it’s a nice tiny little place where I get a little bit of light. It’s early in the morning and it’s a wonderful way to start the day because it sets my circadian rhythm. It sets my clock.

That sunlight helps your clock for when you fall asleep later that night. That’s the important thing to know. I’m not doing it just because it feels good although it does feel good. I’m doing it to help myself sleep better later.

Alright that’s the tip for today.

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