Free Hypnosis for a Better Pregnancy

I taught prenatal yoga in Broward County for over 15 years as the founder and owner of Yogafairy Prenatal Yoga. I would do meditations and relaxations at the end of class. Once I became certified in clinical hypnosis and began to practice it in my practice in Hollywood, which is in Broward County, the Fort Lauderdale area, I created a hypnosis for my students to help them have a better pregnancy.

They loved it! They reported back that it helped them sleep better, fall asleep easier and helped them feel better during their pregnancy. It reduces aches and pains and also decreases some of the fear and anxiety during pregnancy. I also offer custom hypnosis for childbirth, but pregnancy itself is almost a year long! It’s loooonnnggg!!!!  Why not help yourself have a better pregnancy with hypnosis?

Hypnosis for Childbirth

The childbirth hypnosis is also truly effective in reducing pain during childbirth, the fear response that sometimes happens, reduces complications and can actually speed up labor. The less you’re in fear during childbirth, the more relaxed you are, often the faster your labor will go. Who doesn’t want a faster labor? Childbirth hypnosis, which I do in my office in Broward county or we can have a phone consult to see what you need, can also address specific fears that you have.

Often women come in from a previous birth traumatized by it and want hypnosis to reduce the previous trauma as well as help them through the upcoming birth.

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