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For some reason, I’ve gotten several questions in the last month about hypnosis and sex. Luckily, I did not just one but two interviews about sex and hypnosis for the podcast run by Freja Njorden called, “Nighttime Conversations with Steve and Freja.” Check them out!

In one episode, we discuss HOW hypnosis can help you to have better sex with

  • Removing blocks and obstacles to pleasure or relating
  • People who let anxiety or lack of focus get in the way
  • Low libido or cannot access their pleasure.
  • Foot fetishes and installing pleasure feet/toes
  • Orgasms from GIVING oral sex
  • People who can’t go into trance

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In the other, we discuss why being present during sex is important

  • What does being present mean
  • How does it help sex and make it better
  • How to “be present”
  • How distractibility ruins sex
  • And Steve finds orgies to be a major distraction!

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The type of work I do focuses more on inner healing and health so that your whole life (including sex) can be better rather than focusing on sex techniques. This can involve healing trauma or current beliefs about yourself and sex. If you’re looking for a sex specialist, then Freja is an excellent resource. She is based in Toronto, Canada. If you’re looking for someone local to South Florida to improve your sex life, then I recommend Dr. Stan Hyman. He’s credentialed and excellent (and has a good sense of humor)!

Dr. Liz

P.S. Sex and Food are related for many people! If you have mounting overeating, weight gain, anxiety or depression and it feels like the right time to do some healing or get some help, Click to Read More  about how hypnosis can help you take control of your eating, your weight, and your health.