red light stay sober with hypnosis broward orlandoCan Hypnosis help you GET sober?

After the holiday season, I get an increase in calls from people wanting to cut down on their drinking. I have special certification in Hypnosis and Addiction. What my training, research into it, and professional experience has taught me is that hypnosis is not effective to help someone get sober from drugs or alcohol when used alone. Hypnosis can help when it’s part of a treatment program or recovery program.

When you’re trying to get sober, you need an approach with daily support – a 12-step program like AA or NA, rehab, or being locked in a room with your uncle or parent holding the keys (which we affectionally like to call “Cuban style” in South Florida).

Once you’re sober, hypnosis IS very effective for helping you STAY sober.

I just posted a guest blog post that explains this more in-depth.

     “There are many ways hypnosis can help you stay in recovery. It’s a safe technique that can be used as a holistic treatment alone or along with other treatments or therapy. It can help you overcome subconscious associations and issues that can create a temptation to relapse, and it can help you work through physical and emotional issues that led you to drug use in the first place . . “ Click to Read More


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