Are your Thoughts ruining your Day?


My youngest daughter’s birthday was yesterday and she turned 15! I honestly feel so lucky to be her mom. This child struggles sometimes, for sure, but it makes me love her all the more. She had a severe stutter when she was little and has an Auditory Processing Disorder which makes communication “difficult.”

Now let me back up here on the word “difficult.” I’m all about re-training the brain in various ways (hypnosis is just one way).  The easiest, cheapest, FREE way to re-train the brain is by choosing thoughts that support you. Conversation with Eva is a perfect example. I could choose to see it as “difficult.” But most of the time I choose to see it as hilarious. It’s almost always a winding road to get the information I actually need as a mom. And generally I end up in laughter by the end.

Rather than worry about her future as an adult, I choose to stay open, curious, and a little excited about what’s to come for her. What will she choose as a career? Will she work in a lab all by herself or be a night shift person (Eva is very shy)? Will she live in Japan someday (which she thinks about) where people may assume her communication difficulties are because she’s speaking a second language?

It would be SO easy to go into fear, doubt, and worry. But when those types of thoughts pop up, whether they’re about Eva or anything else in my life, the more I practice choosing a positive thought the easier it becomes. 

The more you practice, the easier it gets.

There’s almost always a way to turn a negative thought into a positive one, one that you believe. We’re not shooting sunshine up anyone’s nether regions. We’re choosing something that feels real to us and do-able but helps us feel better (not worse).

Holiday Season Thoughts

Let’s look at another example . . . We’re in the holiday season and a lot of people’s thoughts are ruining their season! They think, “This year is awful. It’s so sad not to be around family like usual or not to travel.”

How about we change that around? How about we try the opposite and work towards the middle . . . “This year is fantastic! I love it and being able to just be home and not see anyone. No cooking necessary!”

Chances are that doesn’t feel 100% true. So now let’s work towards the middle . . . 

“This year doesn’t feel as happy as years past. But I can still feel grateful for the life and/or family I have. Perhaps I can do some things to help myself feel happier like take a shower, play holiday music, or send holiday cards or emails to people I care about.”

Losing Weight Thoughts

Last example . . . We’re in the holiday season and a lot of people think, “It’s SO hard not to gain weight during the holidays.”

How about we change that around? The opposite would be, “It’s so EASY to not gain weight during the holidays.” That’s a great one to believe! Why not? But more towards the middle might be . . .

“I’m making good choices every day for my health both physically and emotionally.” That may mean you indulge sometimes but probably stay “on plan” most of the time to support your health.

Or try out, “What small step can I take today (or right this minute!) to feel good about myself and my health during the holidays?”

It’s not always easy to find the turn around, but I believe it’s always possible. Start with the opposite and then work towards the middle.

Our thoughts drive our feelings. If you want to change how you feel, work on your thoughts! And if that doesn’t work, then hey, maybe you need to go deeper into your subconscious beliefs (which are driving your thoughts) and it’s time to drop me an email or schedule that free consultation right below!

Let me know how it goes for you!

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