Do you know the 3 Biggest Mistakes that people make with Sleep? (I’m waiting .  . . .)

Over the next three days, I’m going to let you know what they are!

Mistake #1:  Tracking your Sleep

WHAT???? I know! A lot of people who struggle with Insomnia want to track their sleep. They use their smart phones or a Fitbit or some other type of wrist watch. Or at a very basic level, they’ll calculate it in their head. It goes something like this:

. . . I need 8 SOLID hours so I HAVE to fall asleep by 10pm because I HAVE to be up for a 6am flight . . .  

And then you know what happens. Maybe you’ve even been there yourself. They’re lying awake staring at the ceiling at 10pm, trying to force themselves to fall asleep.

Ugh! Put away the trackers! Don’t do the calculation! It doesn’t matter! I didn’t say that YOU and your SLEEP matters – You do! It does! Sleep matters a LOT actually and affects all kinds of other things in your life – your work, your ability to think, your reaction time, your health, your weight! Yes, your weight!

But calculating hours of sleep doesn’t. I explain more about this and what to do instead in my new program!

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