Thank you for 150,000 Downloads!

The podcast went over 150,000 downloads last week! I am so grateful! I’m grateful every day for you, my listeners and readers.

I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to record and publish the podcast!

I’m grateful every day to meet new people and interview them and learn from them.

And I’m grateful every day for your support along the way – for not just listening but also sharing the podcast with friends and family! I get emails and calls all the time that say, “Hey, my friend sent me your podcast episode about x, y, z. It was so helpful! Thank you!”

And, really, it’s thank you back to all of you!

Do you want to listen to the podcast too?

It’s easy! You can always listen right from my website! Or you can subscribe on a podcast player on your smartphone.

*Best app to listen to podcasts on your android is “Podcast Addict.” For your iphone, I recommend the “Overcast” app.

Once you download the app, just search for Hypnotize Me and then hit the subscribe button! You’ll get episodes downloaded automatically whenever there’s a new one released!

Would you like to leave a review?

Once you listen to a couple of episodes, I would love a review on iTunes! Some apps let you do that right from your phone. For others, you can follow these instructions:

Click on this link:

  1. Select “View in itunes”
  2. Choose “Open in itunes”
  3. Choose “Ratings and reviews”
  4. Click to rate the number of stars
  5. Click “Write a review”
  6. Hear my voice in your head saying, “Thank you so much!”