Self-care vs. fun

What is considered Self Care and how is it different than just having fun? For entrepreneurial women!


Today’s video is about the difference between self-care and fun.

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You see self-care all over the internet right? Self-care, self-care, self-care, I mean you can’t really even talk to a psychologist these days without them saying, “Do self-care, do some self-care.”

This really drives me nuts and I am one, and it drives me nuts because self-care is really hard, right? Self-care is meditation, breathing, yoga, massage if you need a massage, exercise. That stuff is self-care. These are not easy things to do, people, especially for really successful entrepreneurial women who are very busy leaders in their community.

Self-care is difficult so I want to acknowledge that. It is something you have to make yourself do. I always recommend to women start in small chunks. Men too. Start in small chunks, like 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Do something like that. Do some yoga videos if you can’t make it to a yoga class because that’s going to help you.

Obviously don’t do yoga if you have injuries going on, okay? I just want to say that to you. Like everybody’s like, “Do yoga, do yoga.” I taught yoga for over 15 years. Don’t do yoga if you’re having foot injuries going on, or some neck injuries. Don’t try to do that stuff on your own.

But I’m saying take some chunks if you can do some of these things, some gentle stretching not necessarily yoga. Keeping some weights in your office or something, do some weights on some breaks. You know, those seven-minute high-intensity workouts, if you can do that and stay in your business clothes.

Something like that so that you’re taking care of yourself.

Now let’s talk about fun.

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What’s the difference between that and fun is going out and being with your friends. Fun is going out and having a drink.

Fun, for some people, fun is going to a yoga class. Who knows, right?

For some people, fun is working out, but for other people, it’s not, but it’s just a time to relax.

So that’s the difference between the two. Self-care often feels like this is something I have to do to stay functional. Fun is more like I can’t wait to do this. I want to see my friends and just let loose and relax some.

So, hope you have a wonderful day.

I’ll talk to you soon.

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