Quick Happiness Tip

The Happiness Group ran in February of 2022 and was very enjoyable! It definitely raised my happiness level overall just by looking forward to it as well as looking for even more resources around how to create happiness in our lives. 

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Quick Happiness Tip

The quickest way to happiness seems to be through volunteering. If you volunteer around two hours a week, it’s equivalent to doubling your salary in terms of happiness (Yep, you read that right).

I’ve volunteered throughout my life with my dad “making me” in high school. By college, I would choose my own ways because the value was instilled by then. Last year, I started volunteering as suicide prevention for the Aspie teen. When I found out she was suicidal in 2021, I called a friend that I had met at a professional hypnosis conference years ago for advice.

Unbeknownst to me, she had worked on a teen inpatient unit where the teens were suicidal. She said the top thing to do was to find somewhere for my daughter to volunteer. She needed to have direct experience that someone or something was counting on her. 

Eva loved cats and one of my friends volunteered at a local cat shelter.  So cats it was.

It was an effort at first to go every week. It was smelly. I had to take allergy medicine beforehand. You had to be careful who you pet. I had to fend off constant requests by the Aspie teen to adopt new cats. I didn’t feel like going every week, but I did anyway and also had my ex-husband who would pinch hit.

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It’s been about a year now and things have improved on several fronts. The Aspie teen is no longer suicidal due to several factors. But volunteering is definitely one of them. 

I now look forward to it. I love the cats and their different personalities. I like knowing they have a clean litter box after we leave. Since there are no phones allowed, I consider it petting and reading time. It’s nice and quiet and honestly soothing. I’m very, very grateful for the cats and the shelter owners.

  • Find a volunteer opportunity that fits you but also give it time to fit.
  • I know from experience that not all places or people feel good. Keep looking for one that does.
  • Try to find someplace you can go and interact with people, animals, or nature (or all three).
  • Choose a regular time to go and stick to it. Scheduling it will make it happen.

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