NPD Parents & the Holidays with Dr. Liz


Hey you guys, Dr. Liz here. I have another video that fits into the narcissistic mom/narcissistic parents series because it’s the holiday season and they seem to ramp up during the holiday season like everything is about them or they want it to be.

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Let’s say you’re traveling somewhere else then they lay on the guilt and the “poor me and oh my God I can’t believe you’re not coming home” even though your “home” at this point may be somewhere else with your primary family.

Whatever you get them it’s not enough or they may go into the “Martyr mode” like “Oh, I don’t need anything, nothing, I don’t need anything.” But then when you say okay and don’t send something, all of a sudden you’re demonized for that and “Oh nobody cares about me! Nobody cares about me, poor me!”

So just be aware that all of this stuff comes up around holidays. Sometimes also for their birthdays, a similar thing will happen. They expect everyone to really organize around them like they are the primary person and when that doesn’t happen then all kinds of emotional blackmail starts to happen.

So, take care of yourself if you’re the daughter of a narcissistic mother, or if you’re watching this as a son or a non-binary specific person. Take care of yourself. Know that this is coming.

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Build your shield. Build your shield (whatever that shield looks like for you) against all the crap they’re gonna throw at you basically and prepare yourself and take really good care of yourself. Know that this isn’t about you and it’s not about you not being good enough. Nothing like that, no no no no no no.

You were born good enough.


All right there’s more over my website more information about narcissistic parents, some free hypnosis files for you, that type of thing. So hop on over there and and get those downloads. Then start listening to them all right happy holidays bye [Music]

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