Katy Perry livestreamed therapy session

Katy Perry livestreams therapyI was quite impressed to hear that Katy Perry livestreamed a therapy session so that people could get a sense of what therapy is like, to decrease the stigma, and to highlight how much it can help someone transform.

“I have been in therapy for five years,” Perry shared as part of the livestream, “There’s been such a healing because of therapy and I’m so grateful for it.”

She and the therapist, Dr. Siri Singh, talk quite a bit about the public vs. private parts of herself as well as the grown-up professional vs. a younger / child part of herself, Katherine. It very similar what I talked about in the podcast “The Different Parts of Ourselves.”  Give it a listen if you’re interested. Or try the blog post about the different parts of ourselves.

Perry also says, “Sometimes we live in a world where it makes it hard for anyone to try.” Therapy helps create that safe space for people to process, to fall, to get feedback, and to try. . . . I’m so grateful to be a part of creating that for another person.

If you’re interested in therapy, I specialize in hypnosis and talk therapy for anxiety and chronic conditions in Broward county and the Fort Lauderdale area.

Yours in health,

Dr. Liz

Watch Katy Perry below: