Insomnia Tip #3 – Should you Lie in Bed with Dr Liz


Hi, Dr. Liz here and today in talking to you about insomnia and how to get better sleep. I am a specialist in insomnia and hypnosis, and I combine that with CBT. I’m also a CBT specialist to get a magic solution for you to improve your sleep. Now, it’s not quite magic, but you know what I’m saying? Now the biggest, the third biggest mistake that people make is thinking that they should lay in bed if they’re awake. Kay, that is the worst thing you could do if you’re awake in the middle of the night is just, I think it’s lie, actually not lay. It’s just like lie there and stare at the ceiling and think, ugh, I got to fall asleep again. Right. Really, really bad idea. And that is something I teach in my sleep better feel better online group. Or when you work with me, individually for insomnia is, do not do that.

Get out of bed or read or do something, um, to keep yourself, you know, calm, like not super active. You’re not going to go work out in the middle of the night. Right. But something that entertains your brain a little bit, because it’s pretty miserable to stand there, to lie there and stare up at the ceiling and just wait. And that often will prolong the time that it takes you to fall back asleep because you’re not getting tired. You’re not doing anything for your body to get tired either. Let’s say your mind to get tired. So that is the thing I recommend. Get out of bed or have a book there that you can read with a little nightlight or a headlight or something like that. People always ask me, can I play on my phone? You can, if it puts you to sleep.

Okay. So it’s important to know the difference. If you feel like being on your phone, keeps you up in the middle of the night, don’t do it. Don’t ever check email in the middle of the night, right? Ever! Really, one exception to that. The one exception to checking email in the middle of the night is if like you can’t sleep thinking about this one that you missed or something, and you need to knock it off your list, then I say, okay, but mainly I say, write the draft and don’t send it in the middle of the night, write the draft, save it so that you can look at it in the morning when you’re fresh. Right? That’s about the only time I suggest checking email in the middle of the night, otherwise play a game, do something like that. If you know that that activity puts you back to sleep. All right, I’ll talk to you soon. You can see more about me over at my website and about my insomnia program. Sleep better. Feel better. It’s over at Dr. Liz Peace.


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