Insomnia Tip #2 – Does Sleep Hygiene Work with Dr Liz


Hi, Dr. Liz here had it, got a little cold to put my sweater on, but I want to let you know that I’m doing a series on insomnia and how to get better sleep. I have special certification in hypnosis for insomnia. I also run the online group: Sleep Better Feel Better. That runs from time to time. And I work a lot with it and combine it with CBT cognitive behavioral therapy. And the combination of hypnosis and CBT is truly helpful for insomnia. I am a specialist in this area because I struggled with this so much myself in my life, but no more. I mean, occasionally it pops up, you know, I’m not promising anyone a hundred percent cure, but I know how to handle it now so much better. I don’t get sucked into like this spiral of doom when insomnia hits. So that’s a huge change because when you don’t get sucked into this spiral of doom, you actually get more sleep and better sleep.

Let’s get to today’s tip. Today’s tip is to not think that sleep hygiene, sleep hygiene is going to fix all of your problems. Now, sleep hygiene. You’ll read all over the internet. That’s the first thing that pops up about insomnia is like, oh, make sure your sleep hygiene is good. That you have blackout curtains, that there’s no lights in the bedroom that you’re going to bed at exactly the same time. Every night. Big. No. No. Okay. You need a range by the way. Um, that let’s see, you know, you shouldn’t stare at computers or your phone in the middle of the night. You need the blue light glasses. Like people go really nuts about sleep hygiene thinking is going to fix their insomnia problem. And the research on this is that it will not. Okay? Now sleep hygiene is an important component of asleep program, but it also needs to be pretty flexible with how you use it.

So you can pick a couple of activities that you do that help your body cue for sleep. Like most of us brush our teeth before we go to bed, right? That’s part of queuing your body to go to sleep. Or let’s say you put on face cream or perhaps you take a nice shower or a bath, hey, not too hot. And that’s the research not too hot. Um, there are these different things. You close the blinds. There’s a whole list of things we review in my Sleep Better Feel Better and program where people can develop a good sleep hygiene and a good sleep routine. Okay. But it’s only one piece of the puzzle to help you sleep better. So please know that and do not feel like it’s your fault if you’ve done like this whole list of things and you still have insomnia, okay. It’s not your fault. It doesn’t fix insomnia. All right. So you can see more about me or the sleep program over at my website, Dr. Liz Peace.

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