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Hi everyone Dr. Liz here. So I’m going to just give a productivity tip today because I have told this to a lot of people and it seems to really help them. Now, a lot of people will make a list that’s like in a book and a planner, and then it’s really hard to see that list because you have to open the planner. You open the book. I do have a planner. I use a dream book planner where I overview the week and things that I went into. I do some of my hands habit changes in there, like drink more water, make sure I meditate. Those types of things I use my planner for, but my daily tasks, I use a little list that is one of these. So you can buy these at like Michaels or Jo-Ann sometimes like any scrap-booking paper store. Um, I have not found them easily on Amazon, but they’re, cardstock, they’re four and a half by seven inches.

This is a type, this is another type. They make different sets. And they’re basically for scrapbooking, you can see it’s like pretty paper. I actually don’t use that side of the paper, but it’s sort of nice to look at. I use this side, the blink side of the paper. Okay. And I will do my weekly plan. So this one has like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I’ll typically have Thursday, Friday the whole week on one side with generally, what do I need to get done? So this is like bargaining nine to 12 podcasts interview at 1230. Um, go to home Depot, do a homework, check my daughter, you know, that type of thing. Right. And then on the right side, I’ll do some of the tasks that I need to do that are sort of floating calls I need to make. And this one’s, um, not very filled out because I was just trying to jot some things down as an example, but often the site will be completely full to you.

Um, I often put exercise goal on that day. So this was like way too. Yeah. Yoga, Pilates, whatever you want to put on there. Right. Walking, um, all of that type of thing. Now this I keep like right on my table and sometimes I even carry it around with me back and forth to work that type of thing so that it’s, I can easily see what I need to get done that week. So this is like odd things that come up. Like, let’s say that you ha you’re supposed to, um, provide cakes to your son’s kindergarten class. You would put that on there on the day so that you can easily see it in the morning. I’ll often either have my breakfast or my tea right there at my table. And I’ll take a look at this and then I’ll Mark things off as they get done.

So that is like the quick plan. Okay. And another thing you can put on that plan and often what I recommend to people is the five minute plan, which is how do I want to feel today? You can set that goal there and then what do I need to do to feel that way? Hey, so, um, I just thought I’d give that quick tip for productivity because I have used that system for years and, and really works for me again, I have a different that dream book planner, which I highly recommend, which I do more overall reaching goals in that one. Hey, but this one, that’s really my task list and I make a really small so that I can see everything right there. Now sometimes I’ll redo the list near the end of the week. So, um, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I’ll hit and I’ll have things that I need to get done on those days. So I’ll just make a new list and it’s a really inexpensive way to just keep track of what needs to actually get done day by day. All right. There’s all kinds of free stuff from our website, including a free hypnosis to reduce your stress level. If you’re interested in that, and you can see that over at Dr. Liz be well, peace

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