Free Mask Promotion (until December 31, 2020)

*For US listeners only due to current mail restrictions

Dr. Liz in her very popular chicken mask

The Hypnotize Me podcast is starting Season 5 this month! I can’t believe I’ve been running it for 4 years, but it’s true! I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met, interviewed, and worked with and for all of your wonderful emails, comments, and reviews over the years. I’m up for another year of great content about all kinds of ways of healing and transformation as well as some good freebie hypnosis episodes.

The podcast has awesome reviews, but I would loooove some fresh ones (pretty pretty please)! Reviews help people find the podcast and help themselves feel better.

I’m also imagining everyone would like a fresh mask in their rotation, so . . . If you like surprises, review me on either Google or iTunes and win a free mask (or two)!  I have all kinds of prints!

Just do the following:

1.  Review me on either iTunes  or Google (on google, you have to scroll down a little and click on “Review.”)
2.  Take a screenshot and email it to me ( with your name and address. Mask selection will be random but feel free to let me know a little about you and your preferred colors.
3.  Watch your mail for a nice, new FREE mask or two!

What type of masks are these?

Handmade by Dr. Liz! I love making masks and have made well over a hundred. I can’t promise you a chicken mask. But all of them are two layers – one layer quilting cotton and the other layer either soft flannel or quilting cotton. Ear loops are super soft fleece so won’t hurt your little ears.

***Please note that masks are for personal use only, not medical.***


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