Featured on the “#Parenting . . . Who?” Podcast about Inner Child Hypnosis!

I’m honored to be featured on the #Parenting Podcast run by Julie Clarke! She is a registered psychotherapist, child and youth care practitioner and somatic experiencing™ practitioner. She works mostly in private practice in Ontario, Canada as well as virtually online offering one on one counselling and therapy as well as parent consultation.

Listen In >>>>>https://anchor.fm/julie-clarke/episodes/Inner-Child-Work-and-Hypnosis-e1p8e4

#Parenting…Who? aims to connect parents, caregivers and professionals with news and information that pertains to mental health and mental health wellness and all that in between has to offer!

On this episode, we discuss what led me towards hypnotherapy work as well as early parenting that I struggled with in being the parent I wanted to be with my own children. We talk about the goal of hypnotherapy  – to align the subconscious and the conscious mind, the process of doing hypnotherapy and core-healing work, and why it’s important to your old as a parent in your child’s life.

Julie adds her unique perspective and experience in becoming a child therapy and how her program emphasized knowing yourself and self-regulation.

Listen In >>>>>https://anchor.fm/julie-clarke/episodes/Inner-Child-Work-and-Hypnosis-e1p8e4

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