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Growing up in an extremely religious home in Texas with a father as a Methodist minister, it was pretty hard not to believe in a traditional sense of “God.” As I grew into my late teens and early 20s and went away to college, I shifted more towards atheism and called myself an atheist for 20 plus years. 

It was only in my 40s and through various recovery groups that I found my own sense of spirituality and what I like to call my “woo woo freaky deaky higher power!” Insert a lot of eye rolling from the kiddos!

I was interviewed about the whole, long path on the Atheists in Recovery podcast  

Listen in to hear my journey and an interesting discussion about spirituality in recovery . . .

  • How atheists often feel when stepping into a 12-step meeting
  • How the Serenity Prayer turns some people off
  • How 12-step groups differ
  • What helped me discover and define my own sense of spirituality

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