3-2-1 Technique to Reduce Stress

With Corona Virus becoming a pandemic and spreading across the world, I thought I would share this very quick technique to reduce stress.


Hi dr. liz here with drlizhypnosis.com and I’m just going to teach you a very simple useful technique to help reduce stress and anxiety hey there’s a lot of stress anxiety floating around right now along with the corona virus pandemic of course there is. So I want to help you feel better that really is my goal and you can use this technique anywhere you are anytime. It’s pretty simple it’s just just a 3-2-1 technique. So this is the first thing we’re going to do we’re just going to count our breaths out loud just three breaths that’s it. Are you ready?

1 2 3

Now that was simple right and then we’re gonna give ourselves a hug so this is a second step so go ahead and just give yourself a hug that’s step number two.

And step number three is just to close the eyes and just be fully present just for a minute okay so go ahead close the eyes.

You can keep your nice calm breaths now. There’s some research that shows that when we give ourselves a hug it reduces, it releases chemicals that are feel-good and for safety so we actually feel safer when we give ourselves a hug. And you can just be fully present here now I’m not gonna do a full minute because that’d be pretty boring watching me right. But that is a very simple technique you just notice how your breath is calmer, how your breath is deeper. Notice where you are and feeling safe giving yourself a hug there. You can use this anywhere, anytime alright.


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