Dr. Liz gives a free meditation for Releasing Burdens that’s from the book “Threads of Yoga: Themes, Reflections, & Meditations To Weave Into Your Practice” by Pamela Seelig. This is the version with NO music. If you prefer background music, please see HM235 (https://www.drlizhypnosis.com/episode235).

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Pamela Seelig was interviewed on the episode before this one in HM234. (https://www.drlizhypnosis.com/episode234)

Pamela Seelig began her yoga journey more than 25 years ago when an illness interrupted her Wall Street career. She began meditating as a complementary therapy with some startling results.  Along with speeding up recovery, the impact of her meditation led to a lifelong pursuit of perceiving and sharing yogic wisdom. Pamela eventually trained at Integral Yoga Institute in New York and began teaching to friends at a local convent in NJ.  In 2009, she opened Lotus Mind & Body, a thriving yoga studio in her community.  After a rewarding nine years, she sold the studio to focus on her new book, “Threads of Yoga: Themes, Reflections, & Meditations To Weave Into Your Practice.”

You can find Pamela at https://pamelaseelig.com

Check out her lovely book at https://smile.amazon.com/Threads-Yoga-Reflections-Meditations-Practice

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