What is Cataract Surgery like? with Dr Liz


Hi, Dr. Liz here, and I’m here to talk about cataract surgery. Now, this is the most common surgery performed in the United States. It’s millions of people that have had this surgery and that will have this surgery. And I had early cataracts myself. I had them in my forties. I was losing my vision. I couldn’t see street signs. Very clearly, forget about nighttime driving, I could only go somewhere where I really needed to go and knew exactly where I was going. So I have kids. So I was trying to run my kids around at night. And sometimes I’d have to say no, because my vision had gotten so bad. The highway was a problem even, and eventually, I was trying to figure out what was going on and they couldn’t correct me anymore. So it wasn’t like, oh, you just need better glasses. Which is what I thought.

No, it turns out I had early cataracts. So I had to have cataract surgery to be able to see again. Now, this surgery is a godsend. Absolutely. Right. A hundred years ago, we would have just all gone blind because eventually everybody develops cataracts as they age, but nowadays, no, they can put implants in and correct your vision. And it is like a miracle. Okay. I dreamed my whole life of not having to wear glasses. I wear glasses since third grade nine during my whole life of not having to wear glasses. And it is here. Okay. I never got LASIK because I was scared of the side effects, but I had no choice around the cataracts and it is truly a miracle. So having said that the cataract surgery was really freaky. It is not an easy surgery. I don’t think. You can not be put under for it.

And I asked an anesthesiologist about this recently and she said, it’s because you have to follow instructions. Like they can’t put you completely under. And I was like, oh, totally makes sense. Right? I have to follow instructions during the surgery. They do sedate you so that you are calmer and have an easier time relaxing, but they can’t put you completely out. Now it was a freaky surgery. Okay. I am very skilled at self-hypnosis at calming myself down and helping other people feel calm. I’m a professional hypnotherapist. I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I’m Dr. Liz quote-unquote. And I still found that a difficult surgery. So afterwards I decided I would make a hypnosis file to help people with this surgery. Okay. To help them with the skill of calming down and practicing how to do that without closing your eyes. Cause that’s always been my go-to like, oh, I’ll just do some self-hypnosis close my eyes. I’ll take myself away.

You can’t do that during cataract surgery, your eye has to be open. It’s like, oh geez, what do I do now? So, this is how I developed this hypnosis— to help people do that as well as to reduce side effects and to quicken healing. We know from years and years of research in the hypnosis field, that hypnosis does all of that. Okay. It quickens healing time when they do double-blind studies, it reduces side effects. Any complications are reduced. All of that is wonderful stuff. And so I made hypnosis to do that as well, to help you along that path. Okay. So I hope you decide to go and give it a look and go ahead and buy it and help yourself. Okay. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to help yourself before the surgery. Right. You can just click the link below, go to my website, and under downloads. You’ll see it right there. All right. Have a wonderful day. Peace

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