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Insomnia CBT-I Treatment

You may remember the Sleep Better Feel Better online group I ran May of 2020 where 100% of participants improved their sleep! I already had certification as a “Hypnosis Sleep Specialist” and ran it from that perspective. I went on to earn a certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). The CBT-I certification helped me learn even more to help people. Things like: 

  • CBT-I improves Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD as well.
  • Nightmares can be treated and reduced (super interesting!).
  • You can kick Insomnia in the butt in just 4-6 sessions (no, really, it doesn’t take long).
  • The American College of Physicians (ACP)one of the largest medical associations in the US, recommends CBT-I as the first line of treatment, before prescribing sleep medications.
  • Love your sleep meds but don’t love some of the side-effects? CBT-I is just as effective regardless of whether someone is on medication or not. You can stay on your sleep medication and still do CBT-I although many people choose to reduce or taper off of them because, really, who wants memory problems (it’s bad enough as it is in your 40s and 50s)???

Ask yourself
Most people who have Chronic Insomnia are already aware of it. On average, they wait 10 years to get professional help for it when it can be vastly improved in 4-6 sessions. But if you’re unsure if you have Chronic Insomnia ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is falling asleep hard for you and takes longer than about 20-30 minutes?
  2. Are you awake longer in the night than you want to be?
  3. Are you waking up earlier than you want to and unable to fall back asleep?
  4. Does your lack of sleep affect your functioning the next day?
  5. Does your sleep bother you?

Final question– has it been going on for longer than 3 months?


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If you answered yes to a few of those questions including the final one, then CBT-I can help. And if you would like hypnosis as part of your treatment, that’s of course always an option. Feel free to schedule a Free Consultation to start sleeping better! 

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Peace and Health,
Dr. Liz

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P.P. S. Just an FYI . . . It is legal for me to do Hypnosis in all 50 states in the US (and just as effective online).