Face Training to get your Kids to Listen!

Today we’re talking about “Face Training!” I had one kid who was always a good listener and then when my second was born, I was like “What happened!!!” I came up with this strategy when she was little that other parents in my practice also have found useful. If you prefer to read, the transcript is below. Otherwise, enjoy!


Hi this is Dr. Elizabeth Bonet with FloridaPsychotherapy.com and Conversations for Effective Living. Today we’re going to talk about “Face Training.” Often what happens as parents is we make 15 million requests of our children. We’re asking them to do something all the time and some kids are better about listening than others.

But if you have a kid that’s really struggling with listening and doing something that you’re asking them to do, one thing you can do is face training. This is not an official term; it’s just a term I made up. But some kids have difficulty tuning into your face and what it’s saying.

Turn this into a Game

You can turn this into a game. You can do this with a child anywhere from about 2.5 to 3 years old on up.

You turn this into a game where you practice them telling you what your face is saying. You can do, “This is mommy’s super serious expression. This is mommy’s super serious face.” Or you can have them guess. You can be like, “What is mommy feeling? Mommy is feeling happy and excited, that’s right!”

Or if you’re a dad you can be like, “Hmm, what’s daddy feeling? Happy, yes! What’s daddy feeling? Super sad. Super sad.”

Associating Facial Expressions with Words and helps them follow Instructions

So that they begin to associate facial expressions with your words and then that helps them follow instructions a little better.

If you’ve made the 5th request to get their shoes on on they’re still not listening, you can cue them. You can be like, “Hey look at mommy’s face! Mommy’s face is very serious! You need to get the shoes on and we need to go!” So they cue into that and they start that as a learning processes and they start processing it in their little brains.

Dr. Liz's book about Motherhood

Dr. Liz’s book about Motherhood

I hope that’s helpful for you. You can try this at home and let me know how it goes. If you’re interested in my book about the early years of Motherhood, it’s a quick read! You can See it at Amazon!

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