Cure for IBS

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Is there a cure for IBS?

This is a question I get from time to time. Since I’m alllll in favor of honesty, the short answer is No! There’s no cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If there was, don’t you think your doctor would tell you about it? Don’t you think your doctor has plenty of patients to see without having to treat IBS, which they often find frustrating. Doctors like solutions! They like saying, “Do x, y, and z and you’ll be cured of IBS!”

The fact that you haven’t heard that from your doctor means there’s no cure.

So what is there for IBS?

There’s treatment for IBS. There are diets and medications, most of which have limited efficacy, meaning they will often work for a while and then stop working. Or they will work somewhat but not completely. They still haven’t found what they consider an “excellent” drug for IBS (or even “good” for that matter).

There’s also hypnotherapy for IBS

There is no cure for IBS, but hypnotherapy can reduce symptoms to a mild or non-noticeable level.

There is no cure for IBS, but hypnotherapy can reduce symptoms to a mild or non-noticeable level.

Hypnotherapy is considered one treatment (of many) for IBS. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a “cure” for IBS. It’s not. It is highly effective. It will often reduce symptoms from severe down to moderate and then sometimes even further into mild for many, many patients, even difficult to treat IBS patients.

The effects of hypnotherapy last as well for years and years after the 7 sessions. You read that right – years. For that reason, many people consider it a miracle. It has no side effects, reduces symptoms, and lasts for years. Yep, it sounds good.

What’s the catch?

It costs money. It takes time (7 sessions over 14 weeks). It takes commitment. After the second session, you need to listen to a hypnosis file at home on an almost daily basis.

That takes intention and commitment to reduce your symptoms. Sometimes you have to complete daily worksheets depending on your progress. Some therapist have clients do this from the beginning.

What will hypnotherapy for IBS do then?

With just 7 sessions, hypnosis provides effective relief for 80% of patients with IBS. Treatment often helps people who haven’t improved with other methods (Whorwell et al., 1984, 1987; Palsson et al., 1997, 2000). This is using the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill protocol created by Dr. Pallson.

To even be able to do this protocol, you need to be a licensed mental health professional with extensive training in hypnosis (that would be me). Dr. Pallson screens the practitioners that he releases the protocol to.


  • Free Initial Telephone Consultation
  • Coordination with your GI doctor
  • Initial Consultation and Assessment of current symptoms
  • Research based treatment for IBS
  • 7 sessions over 14 weeks (One session every other week)
  • MP3 hypnosis for home use
  • End of treatment Assessment
  • Periodic reporting and end of treatment report to your doctor.
  • Significant cost savings with up front payment.
  • Credit cards accepted.

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