IBS and Hypnosis

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An SOS for IBS!

Let’s get right to the point – IBS is so painful. It’s almost impossible to talk about it without throwing out a lot of puns, but seriously, it’s disruptive to your life like nothing else could be except another serious illness.

Most illnesses, you can take medication for and you’re good for the day. With IBS, there aren’t any medications that are 100% effective. Most of them are effective for a while and then they seem to stop working. Or they’re only partially effective, leaving you in the bathroom still for sometimes hours a day, certainly uncomfortable for hours a day and worried.

People with IBS worry like nothing I’ve ever seen, for good reason. It’s very different from an anxiety disorder, actually, and it’s not considered an anxiety disorder. IBS people will tell you, “I HAVE something to worry about!”

It’s not a general fear of something that may happen. It’s knowing something will happen and they need to be prepared for it.

  • They know they have to allow time for the bathroom in the morning before leaving he house. There’s still anxiety and worry about being in there so long if their schedule changes.
  • They know where a bathroom is within a 50 foot radius of wherever they’re going. There’s still anxiety and worry sometimes that they’ll make it to the bathroom.
  • They limit their travel. But if they do decide to take a vacation, there’s huge anxiety and worry about eating and managing their IBS while trying to enjoy the vacation.

Hypnosis helps more than “just” the physical symptoms of IBS

Hypnosis helps decrease the physical symptoms of IBS, helping in a similar way that medication does except with no side effects. Hypnosis also decreases anxiety and worry significantly and teaches skills that you can use at home or at work or on vacation; skills you can use anywhere and everywhere as needed.

It’s an amazing technique in that way. My goal as a psychotherapist is that you can do self-hypnosis as needed to decrease symptoms as well as anxiety, worry, and pain. With that, IBS becomes more manageable, less painful, and causes less anxiety and worry.

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Yours in health,
Dr. Liz