IBS Reduction with Hypnosis

Hypnosis for IBS truly does help and can have amazing results. The research protocol out of the University of North Carolina is highly researched and highly effective!

Imagine a life not planned around the bathroom, where you feel at ease and comfortable most of the time. Imagine waking up and you feel happy to step into the day. You don’t worry and you’re not scared of the day ahead of you. Imagine a day where your IBS is not a major part of your day. It’s manageable.


IBS Reduction with Hypnosis

I’m going to talk about hypnosis for IBS. So this is a highly effective treatment. I actually had mild IBS for a while. I still do from time to time and IBS can destroy your life pretty much. People lose jobs over it. People lose loved ones. They feel sequestered in the house. They have to know where every bathroom is and the hypnosis for IBS has no side effects.

It’s more effective than any medication on the market, pretty much. So they haven’t found a great medication for IBS yet. Sometimes they will work for a while and then they’ll stop working and they’ll switch them around and there are often side effects of it. Sometimes they don’t work at all. But hypnosis is 85% effective in a research on it for difficult to treat cases of IBS. So this they’ve researched people – like nothing else worked for them and they know this works. It is seven sessions over 14 weeks.

So it’s actually a session every other week of hypnosis. I say find a practitioner in your area who does it.

I do it if you’re in Broward / Miami-Dade County area. I do it but you can always look for a practitioner in your area who does it. It’s a very specific protocol, so It’s not just like, “Oh yeah, I do it. ” Ask if they use the Paulsson protocol. Ask if they use the protocol out of the University of North Carolina. That’s the one that’s been highly researched and it’s very, very effective.

So that’s my tip for today. 

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