Hypnotize Me
Hypnotize Me
HM 74 Chronic Pain Part 2 - Techniques to Use

Welcome! Chronic Pain affects 20% of the population worldwide and 76 million Americans. Learn hypnosis techniques to reduce chronic pain and use of medications. Dr. Elizabeth Bonet talks about what happens when you walk into a hypnotherapist’s office to reduce chronic pain. Several hypnosis techniques are discussed as well as research that supports Hypnosis for the reduction of chronic pain in the body.

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Hypnotize Me is the podcast about hypnosis, transformation, and healing. Certified hypnotherapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Dr. Elizabeth Bonet, discusses the research behind hypnosis, interviews the professionals doing it, and talks to individuals who have had hypnosis to see what happened afterwards. Free hypnoses are also given from time to time. If you’re interested in learning more about the magic of hypnosis, psychotherapy and mindfulness, this is the perfect place to feed your fascination!

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