Hypnotize Me
Hypnotize Me
HM 49: Breaking Emotional Barriers w/ John Harrison

Welcome! Dr. Liz interviews John Harrison about how hypnosis helped him break through emotional barriers and led to starting a meditation practice and feeling more grounded. We discuss how the culture and military influences men’s emotional development to hold things in and not cry. And how hypnosis was a first step for John overcoming those influences. We’ll also learn about the process of psychotherapy and how trust and comfortableness develop over time, how people become ready to change, and how that process works in hypnosis as well.

John Harrison, LPCC, assists people and couples move to a new level of awareness and understanding in an increasingly challenging world. Helping with depression, anxiety, job dissatisfaction, relationship issues, or any of life’s stresses. He owns Life Made Conscious located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is the host of the True Calling Project podcast. See more about him and listen to his podcast at: https://www.lifemadeconscious.com

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