Hypnotize Me
Hypnotize Me
HM 47: An Integrative Approach to Anxiety Treatment w/ Dr. Justin Newman

Welcome! Dr. Justin Newman is featured to discuss how he uses hypnotherapy combined with acupuncture and life coaching as part of an integrated approach. With 25 years of experience in the field of holistic primary healthcare, Dr. Newman founded The Banyan Holistic in Miami, Florida to further enrich the community by developing a spa-integrated healthcare center that empowers its clientele. Its unique design promotes health and harmony on every level – physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. It is a modernized, reimagined innovation based on time tested and proven systems. We’ll Learn:

  • Justin’s first experience with Hypnosis
  • Past Life Regression and what it was like for Justin
  • Justin and Elizabeth talk philosophy around birth families and adoptive families.
  • How Hypnosis integrates with acupuncture for patient treatment, especially for anxiety and panic.
  • How Justin uses Hypnosis and Coaching to extend growth past treatment sessions

To donate to the Red Cross for relief for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston (09/2017): http://rdcrss.org/2eS16fv

See more about Dr. Justin Newman at his website:  http://www.thebanyanholistic.com

“Secrets of Modern Acupuncture: How to Maximize Your Health and Wellbeing” by Dr. Justin Newman http://amzn.to/2wACfa2

See Show Notes and books referenced at http://www.drlizhypnosis.com/episode47

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