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Hypnotize Me
HM 42: Hypnosis for Olympic Athletes & Fear of Flying w/ Drake Eastburn

Welcome! Drake Eastburn, who was an official hypnotherapist to the United States Olympic Cycling team, is featured to discuss several aspects of hypnosis including how he uses hypnosis with Olympic level athletes as well as how he works with people who have a Fear of Flying. Drake is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). He’s written six books and has three on the way.

We’ll Learn:

  • What Hypnosis Is and what it Isn’t
  • What type of hypnosis helps olympic level cyclists and athletes
  • What point do you go back to before an injury or incident to prevent a future one
  • What’s the base of Fear of Flying
  • The best time to have hypnosis for a Fear of Flying
  • About Drake’s upcoming books

Fear of Flying starts at about min 20:50 and picks up again at min 27:20

“What is Hypnosis, Really?” by Drake Eastburn

See more about Drake Eastburn at his website: http://www.hypnodenver.com

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See Show Notes at http://www.drlizhypnosis.com/episode42

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