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Hypnotize Me
HM 39: Rapid PTSD Resolution w/ Dr. Lorri Beauchamp

Welcome! Dr. Lorri Beauchamp, acupuncturist and fertility specialist, Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, discusses her personal experience of Hypnosis and Rapid Trauma Resolution and how she came to see it as an integral part of her fertility practice. We’ll Learn:

• Dr. Lorri’s experience of Hypnosis for Insomnia • How Dr. Lorri discovered Rapid Trauma Resolution • Her experience of the technique for PTSD after a mugging • Why she believes it’s such a good supplement to acupuncture for Fertility • What types of trauma and disorders the technique is often used for • How it helps people get past something when they’re feeling “stuck,” particularly in a fear pattern • Why we’re different than the zebras and how it results in trauma for us. • Who is appropriate for Hypnosis using Rapid Trauma Resolution

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