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HM 13: A 4 hour Birth - HypnoBirthing Interview w/ Stacey Horn

A 4 hour non-medicated, painless (yes, painless!) birth even with an induction???  She must be lying! Stacey Horn, certified hypnotist and coach in Colorado, became pregnant at the age of 42. She shares her experience with HypnoBirthing and how it helped her reduce anxiety during her pregnancy and led to a 4 hour painless birth.  Dr. Liz interviews her about how she became trained in HypnoBirthing and how she uses it in her practice to help other women feel more deeply connected to their babies and their partners during birth.

She also talks quite a bit about Hypnosis for Fertility. The book she recommends is “It’s Conceivable” by Lynsi Eastburn. http://amzn.to/2l28tD8

Dr. Liz also talks about prenatal yoga and how it fits in with HypnoBirthing.

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