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Hypnotize Me
HM 12: HypnoBirthing for a gentle, safe birth w/ Dr. Vivian Keeler

Dr. Liz kicks off the month of love with a fantastic interview with Dr. Vivian Keeler, Vice-President of the Institute of HypnoBirthing. Dr. Keeler explains what HypnoBirthing is and what kind of birth a woman and her baby can have. She shares her own journey to becoming a HypnoBirthing instructor, child birth educator, and opening her own Women’s Wellness Center in South Florida that includes HypnoBirthing classes, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and doula services.

Dr. Keeler gives options to find a class or what to do if there’s not a class by you. She also talks about how to find a care provider that matches the type of birth you want.

HypnoBirthing is in 46 countries around the world. To find a HypnoBirthing class by you, visit http://www.hypnobirthing.com

For classes and more with Dr. Keeler in her new Women’s Wellness Center in South Florida, visit http://www.amazingbirthsandbeyond.com


For a free hypnosis for a better pregnancy, visit http://bit.ly/drlizhypnosis

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