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HM 09: Journey to a Non-Smoker - An Interview with Stacey Horn

Stacey Horn, certified hypnotist and coach in Vail, Colorado, makes a guest appearance on the podcast! Dr. Liz interviews her about how hypnosis helped her to stop smoking and her on again off again five year journey from smoker to non-smoker after being a smoker for 25 years. She gives tips about overcoming the first days of withdrawal and how to make the mental shift to thinking of yourself as a non-smoker.

Stacey Horn offers smoking and tobacco cessation services in her hypnotherapy practice near Vail, Colorado. Stacey’s website:  http://www.staceyhorn.com

She has a podcast coming out in late January 2017 called “Deeper Connections.”

Dr. Elizabeth Bonet offers hypnosis to stop smoking in her practice in Broward / Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Schedule an appointment or see more about her and get Free hypnosis files at http://bit.ly/Broward-StopSmoking

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See more show notes and Stacey’s tips to becoming a Non-Smoker at http://bit.ly/HM-podcast


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