I was so honored to be invited to write for GetConnectDad.com, a website all about great parenting. Julian, who runs it, is truly committed to making parenting better for everyone and raising kids who feel connected and cared for.

You can join their 5 week Connected Parenting Challenge at the website and get prompts to get down on your kids’ level.

Or check out the 52 Traits We Want in our Kids!

Here’s the article:

John’s a talker and can tell a story that keeps you laughing, but on this day I could see how tired he was when I went to drop off my daughter. It was only 10 in the morning and already he looked worn, well-worked leather gloves on, work boots a constant on his feet, his shirt sticking to his back from the South Florida heat. A stack of bricks shoulder high to create a winding walkway had appeared in front since the last time I was at the house dropping off my 11-year-old daughter to her best friend’s house.

Read more of . . . “A Simple Way to Teach your child a Work Ethic.”


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