Hypnotize Me
Hypnotize Me
Ep 2: How to find an ethical, certified Professional for Hypnosis

How to find an ethical, certified professional if you would like the magic of hypnosis. Dr. Liz discusses what training is needed to be called a “certified” hypnotist or hypnotherapist and how it varies widely across the world and state to state if you’re in the U.S. Your best bet to find an ethical and well trained hypnotherapist is to find someone who not just holds hypnosis certification but also has a specialty area in the problem you’re trying to solve. If it’s a more complex problem, consider finding someone who holds a professional license in a field such as psychology, mental health, social work, nursing, medical, or dentistry. The International Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis require licensure in a field to be a member as well as a certain level of training in hypnosis specifically. Both of these memberships reflect a level of professionalism and training in the hypnotherapist who holds them.

Make sure the professional is a good “fit” for you in terms of looking at their credentials as well as liking their voice and how you feel talking to them. You should feel heard and listened to and that the person cares about helping you.

To find a hypnotherapist in your area, check the website http://www.ishhypnosis.org

If you’re in the US, check http://www.asch.net

If you’re in Florida, check http://www.fsch.org

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