Anxiety Attacks Eeek! Treatment Tip!

Here’s the worksheet that you can use for an anxiety attack or really anything you’re feeling that causes you distress.


Hi. Dr. Elizabeth Bonet here with conversations for effective living and the hypnotize me podcast. Today I’m going to talk about anxiety attacks. This is a big topic. I’m an anxiety specialist
and I recently had a really good reminder of what these are like. I had something that happened in my personal life where anxiety attacks were like whew way up here. I’m going to talk about my experience of them but this varies for every person. Everyone has their own personal experience of anxiety.

Some of the common factors though do overlap so I got the racing heart. I got the nausea feeling like I was gonna throw up all the time. I got the shaking. I got the sleepless nights. I also got some of the obsessive thoughts. The obsessive thoughts for me were like, “I should have. I could have. I would have. If I had done this, if I had done this, if I had handled this differently.”

So all of those thoughts started coming up and I hear this in my office all the time from people. That they get these different symptoms. I actually have a whole checklist that they fill out of physical symptoms of anxiety that happen. You know it’s not  just stomach stuff. It’s heart stuff. It’s all kinds of different areas that it shows up in the body .

So what did I do?

Let’s get to the tip around this. In my practice I use a lot of worksheets. So often I will talk to someone that said they went to therapy for anxiety and it didn’t help. And I ask them, “Did you do worksheets? And almost a hundred percent of the time they say no. So there is a certain percentage of the population that talking is going to help for, just straight-up talk therapy. There’s another percentage that I believe needs more structure. They need to do worksheets. They need a process that they can look at. They need something that they can hold and say okay I’m having an anxiety attack now I need to do X Y & Z to try to bring this down.

So I applied it to myself I went to my worksheets and I moved to a place where I could hold on to this particular thought that helped bring that anxiety down for me. And it’s really helpful. So I’m actually going to post one of the worksheets on my website in a blog post. And if you’re watching this on Facebook or YouTube you should be able to see the link there. You can go to my website and get that worksheet for yourself and it just helps shift those thoughts sometimes.

So often we hold on to a thought that creates anxiety in our bodies. And if we can shift into another thought around the same situation, it’ll just help bring that anxiety down. And that’s going to be personal to everybody. What that thought is. Now sometimes it’s hard for you to find that thought and that’s often what a therapist is for. Or a partner or loved one or a friend. They can help you see it in a different way that helps bring your anxiety down. So it’s not just therapy that’ll do that. You’re welcome to do that with all kinds of people in your life. So I hope that helps and I hope you have a wonderful week. Peace.

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Yours in health,
Dr. Liz