3 Pieces of Spiritual Advice from Beyond with Dr Liz


Hi everyone. Dr. Liz here. I interviewed Bud Magargee who writes the book: Soul Afterlife for the podcast, but that’s not going to air for like a month or two, and I really loved his book. So I just wanted to share a portion of the book with you because I think it’s so great. So in this book, Bud is talking to a spiritual advisor from the beyond who was actually one of his spiritual advisors, so that’s important. And he goes more in the book about how this connection happened and how he talks to him through like an oracle. Um, and bud himself is very much a skeptic. Okay. He’s uh, he has a doctorate himself. He did not expect any of this, none of that. So he goes more into that in the book. But, um, the part I wanted to share with you is that he asked him a question and then he gives the spiritual advisor, or he gives like three pieces, three tips, I guess, three things let’s call it. I don’t know, three pieces of wisdom. How’s that? Three pieces of wisdom for us here, living our life on this planet. So I want to share that with you.

So, Bud says, “Help me digest what you’re suggesting here. Can you give me three things that would help a human soul become more open-minded and therefore more aware of what is required to advance or transcend.” And he’s talking about how our soul moves through reincarnations into different lives. And, um, the goal is really to transform and ascend and become more knowledgeable as a soul. So the spiritual advisor says, “First, seeing worth in themselves. Many look into the mirror and see the same thing every day and have little hope about the possibility of advancing and this limits their value. Without self-worth or value they are not going to try something different. They are not going to want to get off the couch and attempt to advance themselves. They just do not feel as though anything is going to go their way.”

How many of us have felt that way by the way, like nothing is going my way here. Okay. All right. To the sign. Now, “Second, they need to have competent people around them. People who are willing and able to pull them out of a self-imposed rut. A mentor of sorts to show them new things and be willing to help them advance. This is essential because they do not otherwise see new opportunities. The third thing they need is an association with a healer, someone or something that comes into a human life and supports change. When people become attached to healers, they tend to open up more freely. They become more willing to learn and advance themselves. People need healing advocates, and surprisingly, they come in many forms, animals, humans, or knowledge”

I put plants in that category too. I know so many people feel such a connection with nature and plants and trees and the forest. So, um, but that’s me. I’m not a spiritual advisor. Okay? Like I don’t want to contradict the power from beyond. Um, but I found this so fascinating. I had done some hypnosis work myself where it was very clear that I was here to help people heal. And, um, I’ve loved my mentors who have helped me advance and grow along the way. And they’ve been different throughout my life. And, um, and yet, you know, a lot of what I work on in my practice is self-worth— people coming in for core healing, emotional healing to where they can value themselves. And then once they value themselves, you can do so much different things in your life. You know, possibilities really do open up to you when you begin valuing yourself and really seeing your own worth.

And you get to decide that, okay, hypnosis can help. We can do that. We can help rewrite the subconscious beliefs, but you’re the one who decides do I do the work to value myself? Do I get the benefits of that in this world and in a spiritual advancement kind of sense? So that part is really exciting to me, that to develop awareness and to work on self worth and really value ourselves is not just for this planet. This life actually helps us advance in terms of our spiritual journey. All right, you can see more about me over at my website, drlizhypnosis.com. And please remember to subscribe wherever that little button is up down. I don’t know where it is these days. Um, and I’ll talk to you soon. I’m going to do another video on something else he says in this book. So keep an eye out for that one, too.

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