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Hi, Dr. Liz here, I haven’t done a video about IBS or reflux for a while. So, I thought I would do one for you today. I just finished working with someone who I saw for seven weeks, her IBS severity index went from 378 to 190. Hey, so almost half, right. She found that her pain had decreased, significantly diarrhea was gone. Um, she was more regular. So one to three bowel movements a day. Okay. And that’s pretty normal for most people is right around one to three per day. So her bowel movements had regulated. And then on top of that, she decreased reflux significantly to the point where she was weaning off medication. Now, before we started the medication, wasn’t doing a whole lot for her. She had pretty significant reflux still. So we worked on that. I worked that into the hypnosis files, which I often do.

Sometimes people will come to see me for reflux. And it is a pretty significant reduction in that. Sometimes it’s a combination of IBS and reflux. I don’t know why, but often they go together. Hey, both of them are miserable. All right. I had some severe reflux going on last year and woof, you don’t want to live that way. It’s so bad. Right? And mine ended up being resolved, uh, several different ways. But hypnosis is one of the tools that I used to help it decrease. Now, um, most of her sessions were through the telephone and then I’d send her recordings and she had that much progress. All right? Because, when I’m filming this, it’s the COVID-19, the coronavirus pandemic is going on. So I think we did one or two sessions in the office before that started. And then the rest we did through telephone, I’d record it for her. I sent it to her. She listened to it at home. It was customed to what was going on for her as well as being part of the standard protocol from the North Carolina IBS protocol.

It’s gut directed hypnotherapy. That’s what we’re doing. Okay. We’re regulating everything for reflux or making sure that everything goes down and nothing comes back up, right? That’s the goal. Everything goes down and stays down that this sphincter works properly because that’s, what’s going on with reflux is a sphincter doesn’t work properly. And then, you know, acid and sometimes food comes back up through the esophagus. So our focus there is moving things down, right? The focus on the intestines is that they don’t feel any pain unless it’s, you know, a signal for something really going on, right. We don’t want to take that away, but in general, you don’t want to feel pain in your intestines.

So we take that away. We decrease it. We work on regularity. We work on reducing the anxiety that goes with the IBS too, of like always having to see where the bathroom is or know where the bathroom is or live your life that way or not even doing activities sometimes because you’re scared too, because you don’t know, you know, when you’re going to have to go to the bathroom. So a lot of that just completely disappears. I would say pretty much every client I’ve worked with that completely disappears or goes way, way down where people feel like, yes, they have control now. The sense of urgency decreases. So that’s a big one, right? For IBS people. Is that sense of urgency that, oh my god, I have to go. And then they get to the bathroom and nothing happens. And they’re like, ah, you know, that’s frustrating.

Right? So we’re also working on decreasing that sense of urgency and that the urgency is really appropriate for what’s going on in the body. So we do need urgency sometimes, and we actually need to go to the bathroom. Right. That’s sometimes how we know. We’re like, oh, I really got to go. You can hold it a little. I really got to go. You can hold it a little, most people. And then like, oh, I really need to go. You make sure you get yourself to the bathroom. Right? So you don’t want to live with a sense of urgency all the time or every hour, every 45 minutes. No, you want the urgency to be appropriate to when you really need to go. So that’s also something that we decrease with the IBS hypnosis protocol. All right. So just that I give you an update on that. You can reach out to me. I can do this wherever you live. I work all over the world. And, um, even if we don’t check in by phone, we can do that through WhatsApp or Zoom or Skype, any of those that we can use to help you feel better and help you decrease symptoms of IBS and or reflux. All right. Hope. You’re all well and safe. Peace

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