Dr. Liz is joined by her husband, Stacey Manning, in this anniversary special. They talk about

  • How Dr. Liz was different after hypnosis from Stacy’s perspective
  • What was it like for him to have hypnosis
  • Can you practice to go into hypnosis
  • Is hypnosis effective while you sleep
  • What marriage was like in the past year

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Dr. Liz [0:00]

Hi everyone, Dr. Liz here. Before we jump into today’s episode, I am running the 2019 podcast survey to see who you are. It’s anonymous but you know who you are. How old are you? How many kids do you have? How old are you kids? Have you ever had hypnosis? It’s really quick. It’s literally nine questions. The link is in the show description or the show notes. It’s on Survey Monkey and it takes two minutes because they track that for you once people start taking the survey how long it takes you to take it so it two minutes that It is super fast and I would be so appreciative. If you could take it. It would be a birthday present to me. My birthday is this month and this is going to publish in November. Did you take the survey? Stacey?

Stacey Manning [3:12]
No, not yet. But you know, I’ll be doing that after the podcast.

Dr. Liz [3:17]
Alright. So here’s Mr. Stacey Manning. My husband.

Unknown Speaker [3:25]
Yeah, the last time we did this, we were not husband and wife.

Dr. Liz [3:28]
We were not we were about to be Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But now we’re coming up on our one year anniversary.

Unknown Speaker [3:36]
Yeah, right. When one year flew by quick, it did. It did. And time flies when you’re having fun.

Dr. Liz [3:43]
It does. But we definitely we definitely got to know each other more, too.

Stacey Manning [3:50]
Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Liz [3:51]
Like several things happened. Yeah, yeah. That we handled.

Stacey Manning [3:55]

Dr. Liz [3:55]
What was the most significant thing over the year do you think

Stacey Manning [4:03]
Oh, no,

Dr. Liz [4:04]
no, no. What about the mini emotional crisis I had?

Stacey Manning [4:10]
Which one?

Dr. Liz [4:13]
Right. The one? Yeah. Not the one is my daughter leaving that one I woke up the night before. Did I never tell you this?

Stacey Manning [4:29]
I don’t think so.

Dr. Liz [4:30]
I woke up the night before I supposed to take her to the airport.

Unknown Speaker [4:33]
Yeah, you didn’t tell me that.

Dr. Liz [4:34]
And I was. I was like, Oh my god, I can’t do it. I think as the day before, actually. Yeah, the night before the day before, because I remember calling one of my best friends in California and just crying and thinking I can’t do it. I can’t take it to the airport. I can’t do it.

Stacey Manning [4:52]
make her take an Uber.

Dr. Liz [4:56]
I can’t send my child halfway around the world. What if something happens to her? And then I had to use all kinds of you know, self soothing, right basically call my friends. calm myself down.

Stacey Manning [5:11]
Yeah, yeah,

Dr. Liz [5:13]
make a cup of tea. Okay, yeah, take a walk with the dog all this stuff. You know, obviously I was gonna take her to the airport.

Stacey Manning [5:21]
Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Liz [5:22]
Yeah. But I can imagine a parent getting into such a state that they really did cancel the trip. You know, I hear stories like that actually. Where they don’t let them go away to college, or they don’t let them pick the college that they want to pick or not because of financial reasons, but because of emotional reasons. Yeah, well, you know, we’re not No, no.

Stacey Manning [5:46]
No, so you wouldn’t have taken it that far.

Dr. Liz [5:48]
Yeah. Yeah. And then and was it a month or two ago, I had another crisis where I went up and saw my mentor, Dr. Glasser.

Stacey Manning [5:59]
Oh, Yeah, yeah,

Dr. Liz [6:01]
yeah, that was a good one.

Stacey Manning [6:03]
Yeah, that was Yeah. Should we say why?

Dr. Liz [6:07]
No. Okay. I’ve got to have some privacy here.

Stacey Manning [6:14]
Let’s not say why then

Dr. Liz [6:15]
that wouldn’t really affected you. Like you knew something. Something was visibly wrong

Stacey Manning [6:19]

Unknown Speaker [6:20]
I knew something was wrong. And yes, I thought that I was part of the reason or part of the cause. And it was it was only recently, like in the last week or so. That I found out I was not the reason.

Dr. Liz [6:39]

Stacey Manning [6:40]
That I didn’t have anything really to do with it. Right. So,

Dr. Liz [6:44]
yeah, so that was a good one. Yeah. But what was it like, after I came back, so I went up there to see my mentor, I said, I need to go up and do some hypnosis, some core healing hypnosis, actually. I had an idea of what was going on and But it wasn’t really clear to me, but when I came back,

Stacey Manning [7:04]
it was night and day,

Dr. Liz [7:05]
It was nine day. Yeah. How so?

Stacey Manning [7:08]
before you left? You were you were preoccupied, you were a little distant, very quiet. You know, you just weren’t being yourself. But you seem to be really, really preoccupied. You had you had your mind on something. And I can tell you were working on something you couldn’t get it quite worked out or whatever and, and then and you wouldn’t tell me about it because for whatever reason, that just in reinforced the feeling that it might have been about me. But then whenever you went up there and you came back,

Dr. Liz [7:50]
even though I said it’s not about you

Stacey Manning [7:52]
even though you said it wasn’t

Dr. Liz [7:54]
Our mind makes up a story,

Stacey Manning [7:55]
yeah. So then whenever you came back You were back to your old self.

Dr. Liz [8:04]
Mm hmm.

Stacey Manning [8:04]
It was. It was literally the flip of a switch night and day, Yeah.

Dr. Liz [8:13]
I try to explain this to people. Sometimes when they call and they say, well, will I get better with hypnosis? That’s basically what they’re asking any call I get Actually, that’s the top question, right? Will I get better with hypnosis? Is this going to help me? Because that’s a significant investment. For most people. Yeah, money and time and some sometimes is shorter than others. Sometimes it’s one session if someone is coming in for something simple, but but usually it’s multiple sessions. So it’s an investment. Yeah. And I hear this from clients who have had core healing and hypnosis and different kinds of hypnosis. And they’ll say even my spouse or my co workers or my fiancee like they notice a huge difference in me.

Unknown Speaker [9:03]
Yeah, I could. I mean, yeah, I can totally see that because it was, it was a night and day it was black and white. It was. She’s got something on her mind. She can’t get it worked out, and she’s upset about something. And then you came back and there was that smile on your face and that twinkle in your eye and, you know, bubbly personality that I’ve always known. Mm hmm. And yeah, and I don’t know.

Dr. Liz [9:32]
Yeah, I felt that way too. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. had some really significant parenting and in relationship questions to ask her and some health stuff to honestly.

Stacey Manning [9:46]
Okay, yeah.

Dr. Liz [9:51]
So that is one direct example. (Yeah), I’ve seen a result of hypnosis. (Yeah). And I did. Two days with her right one session was three hours and the other session was two and a half hours. Okay. (Yeah). And then she came down here for some stuff. So we did another two and a half hours down here. Like about a week or two week or two later. He has two weeks. (Yeah). So you had hypnosis in the last year too.

Stacey Manning [10:25]
So I went and saw your mentor Marty. Mm hmm. And I didn’t go into a trance.

Dr. Liz [10:33]
Yeah. What did it feel like that? You said you were relaxed.

Stacey Manning [10:39]
I felt relaxed but I never felt like I really went into a trance. I never really felt like I went. You know? What you have described to me as a hypnotic trance. Hmm. I didn’t feel like I ever went into that. I didn’t feel like . . . yes, I relaxed, but, you know, I can sit and close my eyes and relax without anybody talking to me. Mm hmm. So the fact that he was trying to put me into a hypnotic trance, it didn’t have an effect and then whenever you tried . .

Dr. Liz [11:17]
Yeah, I tried to (Yeah).

Unknown Speaker [11:19]
Again. I just never felt like I went into that trance.

Dr. Liz [11:23]
Yeah, yeah. Marty and I had a conversation about this and Dr. Glasser and I did too. And this is this is a big topic, I think in the hypnosis world. Okay. All right, like one How do you know someone’s in a trance in hypnosis? How do you verify that? And what if someone doesn’t go into a trance can like Can everyone be hypnotized? So I did a little mini episode probably in season one about this. Can everyone be hypnotized? In my opinion has changed on it slightly. Because that’s what happens when you grow and learn more stuff and all that stuff right off in your opinion starts to change. Yeah. Because originally, what I read was that about 15% of the population could not be hypnotized. Okay, okay. And there’s a little screener that I do in my office to see if someone’s higher on that scale or lower on that scale. Yeah. And when you came back from Marty’s, and somehow I’d never done this with you. And I did a screener. I was like, Oh, you score like a zero! (Yeah, yeah), I was like, This is not your fault. He’s good.

Stacey Manning [12:38]
Yes, that’s one of the few things it’s never been my fault. Yeah.

Dr. Liz [12:46]
But what I’ve been reading recently, there’s some research recently that says hypnosis is really a skill. Meaning that when you practice, you can more easily go into trance two episodes ago I did one on anesthesia and whether there’s actual temperature changes in the different hands that they’re trying to do hypnotic anesthesia for. And the study had noted that the participants who had had hypnosis before or done self hypnosis, so like listening to a file at home or something like that, right. Can much more easily go into a not a trance, then those who had which means it’s a skill. Okay.

Stacey Manning [13:31]
I don’t have that skill.

Dr. Liz [13:32]
No, apparently not.

Stacey Manning [13:35]
That is not one of my that’s not in my skill set.

Dr. Liz [13:38]
Yeah. Well, I also asked Dr. Glasser is like, you have people who really just don’t go into trance. And she said, Yeah, occasionally I do. But it doesn’t really matter so much because the conversation is still changing when you induce relaxation. So you get a different conversation going and I’ve seen that over and over mean, the answers are different. When you’re asking questions under hypnosis, which I do, depending on what type we’re doing, when you’re talking in the conscious state, and when you’re in a relaxed state,

Stacey Manning [14:14]
I just, I mean, I scored the zero on your little screener. And then I did have one idea of possibly doing something, almost like a sleep hypnosis, where maybe I am already asleep. Or maybe I am in one of those really relaxed states where I’m just about to fall asleep. And then either have you do it personally or listened to one of the files, you know, and basically fall asleep listening to it to see if that would you know, what kind of effect that would have.

Dr. Liz [14:58]
Yeah, and I recommend That to people all the time actually. Yeah. As a Yeah, you can listen to this while you fall asleep, because really we’re talking about changing the neural pathways. And your brain is still listening, particularly when you’re first falling asleep. Yeah. Yeah. It’s still listening is still picking up on the suggestions. It’s still saying, Hmm, this may be a different way to think about things, right. Decreasing pain or increasing self esteem or whatever that is. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So I think that would be effective. But I don’t actually have research on it. Just Just an FYI. For my audience, I think it’d be a really interesting study actually, like, you know, 30 participants, listen to the file as they were falling asleep. And 30% participants listen to the file at noon, I don’t know and see if there’s a difference.

Stacey Manning [15:53]
Alright, so if there’s anybody out there that’s got a really lot of money that wants to invest into a very good you No study. Yeah, we’d be wanting to do that

Dr. Liz [16:02]
right. There. We’re gonna do that anyway for you. Oh,

Unknown Speaker [16:08]
well, yeah, I’m gonna be a case study. That would not be the first time that I’ve been accused of being a case study.

Dr. Liz [16:15]
Yeah. We’re not gonna wait for the research, huh? Yeah. Okay. Because I’ve done that. For myself. It’s been effective. Okay, in fact, I have a hard time staying awake. And unless I skip that relaxation part, sometimes I’ll do that. I used to do that a couple years ago. I’d be running and I just skipped the relaxation part. I just wanted to suggestions while I ran and running is actually a heightened state of awareness. And that’s really what you’re developing when you’re going into hypnosis, a concentrated focus, heightened state of awareness.

Stacey Manning [16:53]

Dr. Liz [16:54]
yeah. So it’s an option. Maybe we should stick headphones on you while you’re playing golf.

Stacey Manning [16:59]
No, no.

Dr. Liz [17:03]
No LOL Golf is the hypnosis

Unknown Speaker [17:08]
Yeah, dad that yeah, that’s that’s Yeah, yeah, that’s therapy. Uh huh. Yeah. It’s gonna be some therapy as soon as we get done with this podcast is going to be something.

Dr. Liz [17:18]
Yeah, it is. Yeah,

yeah. So, um, any other questions come up for you in the last year?

Stacey Manning [17:29]
No, nothing I can think of right now. Okay. All right. Any questions you got?

Dr. Liz [17:35]
Oh, tons. I’m just getting started.

Unknown Speaker [17:38]
I always have questions. I know. You are a very good question asker.

Dr. Liz [17:42]
Yes, I am. Yeah, right.

Stacey Manning [17:44]
I’m not very good question. Answer-er.

Dr. Liz [17:48]
Oh, I wouldn’t say that.

Stacey Manning [17:52]
Okay, I know, maybe I can answer questions, but maybe I go around the world to get there.

Dr. Liz [18:00]
Yeah, yeah, it’s what I just said Stacy last night was the last night. (Yeah, yeah). Yeah. He had asked me a question.

Stacey Manning [18:08]
Oh, yeah. And I tried to cut you off.

Dr. Liz [18:09]
And you tried to cut me off and I said, No, if you can go around the world the answer a question. Okay. So sit tight.

Stacey Manning [18:20]
I remember that. Yeah.

Dr. Liz [18:21]
Yeah. All right. You want to wrap this up? Yeah. Okay. Let’s see, um, What’s it like being married to me?

Stacey Manning [18:31]
That is a question that I have, I have tried to answer 1000 times. And I still have not come up with the words to describe how it is to be married. You really the only thing that I can really say is it’s being married to us the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, oh, maybe right behind my daughter being born. I’ll put it to that way.

Dr. Liz [19:00]
Okay, so that’s a good qualifier. Yeah, yeah.

Stacey Manning [19:03]
Yeah. I’ll put my daughter being born just just as Yeah. Just barely above marrying you. Yeah. I think that’s pretty good.

Dr. Liz [19:18]
Well, I’m glad I asked it.

Stacey Manning [19:20]
I don’t know of any other way to describe it? It’s great being married. Yeah. Cool. I guess it’s great. Being married to you is the simple answer.

Dr. Liz [19:31]
Yeah, great. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, this marriage is completely different than any relationship I’ve been including my first marriage.

Stacey Manning [19:41]
Yeah. How?

Dr. Liz [19:45]
I think when people talk about happy marriages, that’s what they’re talking about. I mean, I understood that from like, an intellectual level, but I didn’t really understand it from a felt level as since level like in the body. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah. And I think Like, this is what they’re talking about. How you like deeply feel attacked and love this person? Yeah. And rely on them to Yeah, yes. And have reasonable conversations. Yeah. Right. Like that’s been a huge factor for me.

Stacey Manning [20:22]
Yeah. Almost a divine guidance. Private joke there.

Dr. Liz [20:39]
Where it’s like you can come home and say, Hey, we need to talk about something even small.

Stacey Manning [20:44]
Yes, like, yes.

Dr. Liz [20:47]
And then we talk about it. And there’s feedback and there’s change that happens. Yeah. new for me. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker [20:56]
I mean, I’ve said this to you. If I’ve said it, once. I’ve said a dozen times. I feel like I can talk to you about anything. Yeah. and not be judged, you know, not be ridiculed.

Dr. Liz [21:11]
Absolutely. You know?

Stacey Manning [21:12]
Yeah. It’s a trust issue.

Dr. Liz [21:15]
Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And I’m getting there, right. Like we Yeah, we had a conversation recently where it’s like what? It took me a while to tell you this because yeah, I was scared. That’s the base of trust issues is fear. Yeah, right.

Stacey Manning [21:34]
I’m busting through all that.

Dr. Liz [21:35]
You sure are.

Unknown Speaker [21:37]
Yeah, and I trust you whenever I’m talking to you, which

Dr. Liz [21:41]
were you ridiculed in your past marriage?

Unknown Speaker [21:44]
Oh, yeah. Yes, yes. I was.

Dr. Liz [21:47]
I mean, even for like everyday stuff. Like, I know you were for other things, but even like, just asking an everyday type of question like, Hey, honey, can you?

Stacey Manning [21:57]
Yeah, I mean, well, and it was more It was more like Situations like whenever I come in from work, and we have dinner and then I go in and clean kitchen. And then

Dr. Liz [22:10]
which is a miracle in itself right. It still feels like a miracle. Oh, it still feels like me. Okay.

Unknown Speaker [22:19]
Oh, yeah, to me because I still do that. I do that on a regular basis here.

Dr. Liz [22:23]
Yeah, you know? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker [22:26]
Yeah. First, first marriage, it was a miracle for me to clean the kitchen. Okay. As soon as I got done, it was kind of tough to have someone come in right behind me and say you didn’t do this right and clean it again.

Dr. Liz [22:39]
Oh, okay. Got it. So which would only make you not clean the kitchen? Right? Yeah. Right. Right. Mr. Mike street behavioral perspective. I’m nothing else not even emotional. There’s emotional stuff there. Yeah. But

Stacey Manning [22:53]
yeah. Getting back to us. I mean, yeah, you know, you are very supportive. Whenever I do something That you appreciate you telling me that you appreciate it. Absolutely. I source Yeah, I try. I’m I’m not as effective at that as you are. I’m just not as effective at showing my appreciation is what you but I’m working on that.

Dr. Liz [23:19]
I haven’t noticed that. Oh, Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Stacey Manning [23:25]
Here I am pointing out my own flaws. Yeah. But you are very easy person to trust also. Yeah, that’s good night. Yeah, it is. And I’ve seen that with people that have never met you before. Like my relatives. You know, specifically, my friends Tommy and Wanda. Mm hmm. They after meeting you one time, they were instantly they instantly had positive vibes off you

Dr. Liz [24:00]
Well, they’re really good people. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker [24:01]
yeah. You know they are. Yeah. Right. It’s easy. Well, whenever you pass their test you passed. That was the final straw. You had to pass the final straw. Yeah. final hurdle. Yeah. final hurdle. You had to pass that test? Uh huh. Yeah, you did. Yeah.

Dr. Liz [24:20]
Right. Yeah. Yeah. So I think when you come from, well, let me back up on this. I’m just gonna say, I think when you come from a base of love, then that’s easy. Right to connect with people, like wanting to be of service to them or wanting to know who they are? Or, you know, being curious about who they are. That type of thing. Yeah. Right. And I do try to come from there. But at the same time, I think something that’s that I’m much better at as I have gotten older is discernment. But I turned to tell me this the other day. The blue hair team are you Italy, like when you meet someone new, you need to be discerning. Like you need to figure out first, like, Who is this person? Are they a good person? Do I let them in my life because people have strong influences on us. Yeah, we let them into our lives. Yeah. So once you do that, then everything else becomes easier.

Stacey Manning [25:22]
You said that one of the reasons that you married me is because you thought I would be a positive influence on your girls.

Dr. Liz [25:30]
Yeah. And you are. I’m trying. Yeah, they don’t always let you me. It’s not like, you know, roses and rainbows over here in a in a step parent world right now.

Stacey Manning [25:43]
Yeah. But I’m not gonna give up.

Dr. Liz [25:49]
That’s good. But yeah, that’s true. I do think you are. All right. You ready? You want to go play some golf?

Stacey Manning [25:56]
Yeah, I’m ready to go on. I want to set that little white ball down. That brown tee. And I want to take the club and just swing as hard as I can. I’m actually got some frustration issues that from from this whole week. It’s been a long week work. Uh huh. And yeah, so this is going to be some absolute golf therapy I’m gonna take, I’m gonna take any of the frustrations that I’ve had from work this week. And I’m going to take them out on that little white ball today.

Dr. Liz [26:23]
Awesome. Yeah. All right. We’ll do maybe an update in a year. (Yeah, yeah). An annual one.

Stacey Manning [26:29]
An annual update. It think it’s a great idea. I think it’s not a bad idea. Yeah. I think it’s a great idea.

Dr. Liz [26:39]
You think it’s a great idea? I think it’s okay. I think it’s a great idea.

Stacey Manning [26:43]
Thank you. Yeah, that’s good. That’s good.

Dr. Liz [26:46]
You want to say bye?

Stacey Manning [26:48]
Yeah, bye.

Dr. Liz [26:52]
Alright, everyone, have a wonderful week. Peace.

I hope you truly enjoyed today’s episode. Remember that you can get free hypnosis downloads over at my website, Dr. Liz hypnosis. com Dr. Li seen hypnosis. com. I work all over the world doing hypnosis. So if you’re interested in working with me, please schedule a free consultation over at my website and we’ll see what your goals are and if I can be of service to you and helping you reach them. Finally, if you liked today’s episode, Please subscribe to the podcast or tell a friend. That way more and more people learn about the power of hypnosis. Alright everyone, have a wonderful week. Peace.

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