How to find a parent ahead of you on the path with Dr Liz


Hi Dr. Liz here and I’m going to give you one of my top parenting tips. Now I do not pretend to be an expert about parenting, but I did have a specialty in child and family when I was going through grad school and owned a prenatal yoga company. I do tons of parenting and work with mothers. So I read a lot about this area in terms of working with the parents of teens and kids. My top tip for you is to find a parent that’s a little bit ahead of you in terms of parenting. Okay. This has happened naturally in my life. Pretty much that I’ll find a mom that has a child a little bit ahead of me. Two of my best friends had children before I did, I had my kids pretty late at like 31 and 36. So pretty much everybody was ahead of me friends at that point.

But even then, along the way, I began to find friends who had kids a little bit ahead of me so that you can call them and be like, what do I do now? And they will have great advice for you. They’ll be like, ah, don’t worry about that. Or there’ll be like, yeah, no, there’s something to pay attention to. And then often it leads into like a deeper conversation about how do we feel about parenting and what kind of parent do we want to be? And you know, all of this different stuff. So look for them, okay. Look for them at bus stops that not that you go to a random bus stop, but like, let’s see your kids ride the same bus and you can make friends that way or look for them around the school or like from them, you know, I don’t know.

In the grocery store, I had one friend who joined a playgroup because she saw another mom with a baby in a sling, in a whole foods. And she’s like, oh my God, I’m the only one I know who does this. This was like years ago. And she’s like, oh, you should join my playgroup. And that’s how she joined the playgroup just because she had the courage to be like, I don’t want to be alone here basically, but can we at least go to the park or have coffee or do something like I’m going crazy here at home. That was when her kids were little. Now her kids are teens like mine are. So look for these friends, try to cultivate these friendships. Even if it takes gaining a little bit of courage, they will pay off tenfold in the end. All right. I hope you have a wonderful day. I do see a lot of parents in my practice. If you want to come in and get some help, if you need some help. And my website is Dr. Liz That’s D R L I Z and give it a visit over there. There’s all kinds of free stuff that you can download, like free meditations and all kinds of blog, posts and videos. All right. Have a wonderful day. Peace

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