Hypnosis for Healthy & Mindful Eating

Immediate Download! Changing your Eating doesn't have to be a struggle!
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Hypnosis for Healthy & Mindful Eating

Changing your eating to make healthier choices doesn’t have to be a struggle. With soothing background music, this hypnosis helps you develop the new brain pathways to make choosing healthy food easy and something you naturally want to do. Make mindful eating something that is automatic and intuitive with hypnosis.

Part of the script:

“You’ll continue to make the decision to take care of your body every single day . . . From this point forward you’ll develop new eating habits that bring you happiness and satisfaction . . . In the past maybe you ate more than your body needed for its energy requirements . . . Maybe you didn’t . . . From this point forward you’ll find yourself eating exactly the amount your body needs . . . Let your body tell you how much nutrition it needs because your body is intuitive and it will be easy for you to listen to it.”

Studio Recorded & Mastered; Background Music Included as well as a No Music version; Runtime/Length [25:31]

How to use this hypnosis

For daytime: You can listen to the hypnosis during the day and easily able to go about your day at the end of it.

For nighttime: I often recommend that you put the hypnosis on while you fall asleep, phone face down (so the light does not mess up your sleep patterns), and let the file play. There is a suggestion at the end that if you need to stay asleep, you will sleep well the whole night, only waking up if you need to; otherwise waking up rested and energized for the day ahead.

How many days: I recommend listening to the Hypnosis daily for 30 days. Most people start to notice changes within the first days, but we want those neural pathways laid down really well! After 30 days, you can listen to it at your leisure and/or whenever needed for a boost of motivation.

***These electronic recordings are intended only to teach non-patients the use of self-hypnosis for the individual’s own therapeutic use. The use of these recordings for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Elizabeth Bonet, PA, disclaims any liability for the use of this recording for any other purpose, and/or for the use of this recording without following the accompanying instructions, and/or for any damages resulting from hypnosis. If the recording is not giving you the desired result, you should stop listening to it and contact a mental health professional. These electronic recordings are not mental health treatment nor should they replace mental health treatment. If you need psychotherapy or hypnotherapy, please seek treatment from a trained professional. I do hypnosis all over the world, so please feel free to contact me.***

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