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I specialize in helping people transform and emotionally heal from anxiety and trauma.
  • Are you a Narcissist?

How to Tell if you’re a Narcissist

How to Tell if you're a Narcissist How to Tell if You're a Narcissist Before you read on, answer the question yourself, "Are you a Narcissist?" Now keep your answer for later . . . One of my most popular blog posts is "When you're Married to a Narcissist." I was remarking on this [...]

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  • Hypnosis-for-trauma-broward

In Memoriam and In Awareness

Free psychotherapy and hypnosis for trauma for all veterans and their families through GiveAnHour.org In Memoriam and in awareness of all the veterans who have given their lives for us to live freely. And for all the veterans suffering today, remembering their friends and family who didn't make it home. Before I write [...]

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  • Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief. Call 954-309-9071 for a free consultation.

Quick Pain Relief & Faster Healing!

  Quick Pain Relief & Faster Healing Technique! Ack! I sprained my ankle and no way could I spend a week on the couch! I started self-hypnosis immediately for faster healing! Here are some quick tips for both pain relief and faster healing. If you just want to read the transcript, it's below the video! [...]

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  • Zentangling calms the mind.

Reducing Anxiety with Zentangling

Reducing Anxiety with Zentangling I wrote a post before about how Zentangling is a concrete way to reduce your anxiety. It's a wonderful technique. Here's a quick video about it as well or if you want to just read the transcript of the video, it's below! Enjoy! Transcript Hi I'm Dr. Elizabeth Bonet with floridapsychotherapy.com. Today [...]

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  • PPD-traumatic-birth

Was your birth traumatic?

How you feel about your birth does not equal how you feel about your baby. If you are struggling with feelings about your birth, call 954-309-9071 for a free consultation with Dr. Liz. Our feelings about our births are separate from our feelings about our babies.  Let me say it again. . . [...]

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