Hypnosis is a way of investing in yourself. When you consider how hypnosis could enhance the quality of your life, you see its true value. Living a life with decreased symptoms, where you can sleep at night and wake up happy is truly valuable investment in not just yourself but also your loved ones. Once a problem is solved, the stress and strain on your loved ones also decreases significantly. The cost of Hypnosis depends on the problem being addressed.  You can choose to pay session by session or I offer packages as a courtesy to my clients.

Each hypnosis client receives an mp3 recording of the hypnosis to listen to at home if appropriate at no extra charge. It is included in the cost of the sessions.


Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment.

Pre-Pay Therapy Packages

Pre-purchasing therapy allows for more commitment to the change process. Therapy is most effective when done consistently. Hypnosis is very effective in a short period of time. I offer payment packages as a courtesy to my clients to aid in the successful commitment to the change process. Several options are available and we will discuss which option is right for you after the initial session.


If you still feel it necessary to go through your insurance, I do provide assistance so that you may file for reimbursement. Whenever you’re choosing to use insurance, please consider the following.

Submitting claims to insurance companies forces the disclosure of a mental health diagnosis which is branded to you forever.

Once that diagnosis is on file, it can be examined when you apply for life or health insurance, and it may be considered when you apply for employment, credit or loans, a security clearance, or other things in the future. If you are ever asked whether you have been treated for a psychiatric problem you will have to answer “Yes,” because your permanent medical records will contain this information. It can be used to deny you or raise your rates on life insurance and/or disability insurance.  There have been some cases where your information is considered the property of your employer, who paid for your health insurance, and then they have access to your records.

I value your privacy and prefer not to provide this information for anyone’s use but yours.