Hypnosis for Cataract Surgery

Immediate Download! Feel better before, during and after surgery with hypnosis!
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Prepare for your Cataract surgery with a hypnosis by Certified Hypnotherapist, Dr. Elizabeth Bonet. Having had early cataracts and cataract surgery myself, I knew I had to help people with a hypnosis file since cataract surgery can be . . . well . . .freaky! You’re not able to just close your eyes and drift away easily like you can with other types of surgery.

This hypnosis helps reduce anxiety about the upcoming surgery and teaches you the skill of how to stay calm and still during your surgery. You’ll feel better before, during, and after surgery.

Developed in consultation with an opthalmologist, this hypnosis is also *intended to help prevent complications and help you heal faster with less discomfort. (*No medical claims made.)

Part of the Script:

“Let’s imagine now that you are being prepped for surgery. See yourself relaxing comfortably on the bed. Dilation drops are being put in your eye on a regular schedule and you’re allowing yourself to drift off, away from awareness. See yourself able to easily respond to any questions that are posed to you, reporting on your comfort levels as necessary. But more and more you’re drifting away . . .”

This hypnosis helps reduce anxiety about the upcoming surgery and teaches you the skill of how to stay calm and still during your surgery. You'll feel better before, during, and after surgery.

Studio Recorded & Mastered; Background Music Included. Runtime/Length: [22:13]

How to use this hypnosis

Even listening ONE time will help you feel better and prepare for your surgery. If you have the time though, I recommend listening to this particular hypnosis file for 1-2 weeks before your surgery.

For daytime: You can listen to the hypnosis during the day and easily able to go about your day at the end of it.

For nighttime: I often recommend that you put the hypnosis on while you fall asleep, phone face down (so the light does not mess up your sleep patterns), and let the file play. There is a suggestion at the end that if you need to stay asleep, you will sleep well the whole night, only waking up if you need to; otherwise waking up rested and energized for the day ahead.

How many days: I recommend listening to the Hypnosis daily for 1-2 weeks before surgery.

***These electronic recordings are intended only to teach non-patients the use of self-hypnosis for the individual’s own therapeutic use. The use of these recordings for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Elizabeth Bonet, PA, disclaims any liability for the use of this recording for any other purpose, and/or for the use of this recording without following the accompanying instructions, and/or for any damages resulting from hypnosis. If the recording is not giving you the desired result, you should stop listening to it and contact a mental health professional. These electronic recordings are not mental health treatment nor should they replace mental health treatment. If you need psychotherapy or hypnotherapy, please seek treatment from a trained professional. I do hypnosis all over the world, so please feel free to contact me.***

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