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Improve your life or the lives of loved ones with Downloads from Dr. Liz! Live life healthier, physically and emotionally, with Love Exercising and Healthy and Mindful Eating! Live with less pain, feel calmer, and have less anxiety. Prepare for cataract surgery and clearer vision! Or prepare for one of the biggest days in your life with a Hypnosis for a Cesarean Birth.

Below are products I’ve developed to help you live your life easier and happier and to bring happiness to the lives of others! Enjoy!

*Full scripts available upon request for people with hearing disabilities.

Enjoy exercising hypnosisListen and begin to enjoy exercising, looking forward to it, planning for it, and even dare I say . . . crave it!

Do you hate to exercise and have to drag yourself to the gym (or don’t make it there at all?) This is the hypnosis file for you! What a wonderful feeling it will be to enjoy exercising! That can all be accomplished with regular listening to “Enjoy Exercising” by Dr. Liz.

Part of the script:

“You’ll feel an overwhelming need to move your body, exercise your body, stretch your muscles and build them, and feel how good it feels to do this . . . This feeling of how good it feels to exercise . . . how you feel more alive . . .  how it gives you more energy . . . how it feels healing . . .

Read More about this Hypnosis & How to use this file for your benefit Here!

Studio Recorded & Mastered; Background Music Included; Runtime/Length 24:58

Buy:  $29.99  

Hypnosis for sale




Hypnosis Healthy Mindful Eating HabitsHealthy & Mindful Eating

Changing eating patterns to make healthier choices doesn’t have to be a struggle. With soothing background music, this hypnosis helps you develop the new brain pathways to make choosing healthy food easy and something you naturally want to do as well as making mindful eating something that is automatic and intuitive.

Part of the script:

“You’ll continue to make the decision to take care of your body every single day . . .  From this point forward you’ll develop new eating habits that bring you happiness and satisfaction . . . In the past maybe you ate more than your body needed for its energy requirements . . . Maybe you didn’t . . .  From this point forward you’ll find yourself eating exactly the amount your body needs . . . Let your body tell you how much nutrition it needs because your body is intuitive and it will be easy for you to listen to it.”

Studio Recorded & Mastered; Background Music Included; Runtime/Length 25:31

Buy:  $29.99

Hypnosis for sale





Decrease Chronic Pain with hypnosis with Dr. Elizabeth Bonet

Decrease Pain with hypnosis.

“This script is awesome . . . wonderful . . . love the concept of having control and being able to increase good feelings, comfort levels.” ~Natalie R.

Pain affects millions of people around the world and if chronic, can lead to disability and daily suffering. Having suffered from chronic pain myself, this hypnosis was developed to reduce pain (both acute and chronic), to help you move easier, and to feel more comfortable whenever you like! It is designed to help you decrease both the sensation of pain as well as reduce the emotional suffering often associated with pain.

Part of the script:

“Increasing comfort is an easy way for the mind and body to work together to decrease a sensation of pain or even to end it. We know that you’ve created a sense of relaxation now . . . You can see how this skill has transformational power for your body . . . And now, let’s become aware of a wellness inside of you . . . no matter how small that wellness may feel. It may feel like energy. It may be a visualization . . . It may just be a comprehension of the concepts in this session . . . Either way is okay because we know for each person, this experience will be a little bit different.”

Studio Recorded & Mastered; Background Music Included; Runtime/Length 21:23

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Hypnosis for sale




cataract surgery how to prepare

Prepare for your Cataract surgery with a hypnosis by Certified Hypnotherapist, Dr. Eizabeth Bonet. Having had early cataracts and cataract surgery myself, I knew I had to help people with a hypnosis file since cataract surgery can be . . . well . . .freaky! You’re not able to just close your eyes and drift away easily like you can with other types of surgery.

This hypnosis helps reduce anxiety about the upcoming surgery and teaches you the skill of how to stay calm and still during your surgery. You’ll feel better before, during, and after surgery.

Developed in consultation with an opthalmologist, this hypnosis is also *intended to help prevent complications and help you heal faster with less discomfort.  (*No medical claims made.)

Part of the Script:

“Let’s imagine now that you are being prepped for surgery. See yourself relaxing comfortably on the bed. Dilation drops are being put in your eye on a regular schedule and you’re allowing yourself to drift off, away from awareness. See yourself able to easily respond to any questions that are posed to you, reporting on your comfort levels as necessary. But more and more you’re drifting away . . .”

Read More of the Script and how to Prepare for Surgery with this File Here

Studio Recorded & Mastered; Background Music Included; Runtime/Length 21:13

Buy:  $49.99 

Hypnosis for sale




Reduce Fear and Anxiety and Fear of Future Events

Feel Calmer, more in Control, and Happier with a Calming Forest Walk with Dr. Liz! This hypnosis evolved out of a popular requests from clients in my practice struggling with anxiety. The suggestions made are for comfort with changes in your life.

Part of the script:

“And you begin to walk down the path, winding here and there. Feeling completely safe and natural. And as you do this . . . as you walk down the path . . . you know that you’re walking towards growth and making positive changes in your life . . . to help yourself as well as your loved ones . . . At all times keeping yourself safe and feeling that deep inside.”

Studio Recorded & Mastered; Background Music Included; Runtime/Length 20:31

Buy:  $29.99

Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth



Better Cesarean Birth HypnosisReduce fear, reduce complications, and quicken healing time with a Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth.

Part of the script:

“It’s perfectly fine to place your attention elsewhere when they’re prepping your body, knowing that you’ll be present at the beautiful moment of birth . . . You have the ability to just drift off to a beautiful serene place if you like . . .  imagining the moment when you’ll see your baby . . . Your body and your mind will stay relaxed and you’ll feel happy that you’re about to meet your baby . . . Your heart rate will stay steady, beating steadily and calmly for both you and your baby.”

Read more of the Script and more about this Hypnosis Here.

Studio Recorded & Mastered; Background Music Included; Runtime/Length 17:48

Buy:  $29.99

Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth



Calming Face Massage helps rejuvenate the face, reduce anxiety, and reduce symptoms of neurological based disorders such as picking and hair pulling.

A self-guided face massage was a class favorite for prenatal yoga students. This led to the development and eventual recording of a self-guided face massage.

My youngest child struggled with hair pulling when she was younger. This led to research on treatment methods for it and eventually we were able to help her resolve it. Neurological stimulation was an important part of that – firm hair brushing, firm massage. A face massage is just one piece that could help a child or an adult struggling with hair pulling or picking.

If you’re buying this to help your child, I suggest playing the file and doing the face massage with them, giving gentle support to them learning how to massage their own face as a way to self-soothe during times of stress or as a way to calm down at night before they fall asleep.

Includes just voice (no background music).

Buy:  $9.99

Hypnosis for sale




***These electronic recordings are intended only to teach non-patients the use of self-hypnosis for the individual’s own therapeutic use. The use of these recordings for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Elizabeth Bonet, PA, disclaims any liability for the use of this recording for any other purpose, and/or for the use of this recording without following the accompanying instructions, and/or for any damages resulting from hypnosis. If the recording is not giving you the desired result, you should stop listening to it and contact a mental health professional. These electronic recordings are not mental health treatment nor should they replace mental health treatment. If you need psychotherapy or hypnotherapy, please seek treatment from a trained professional. I do hypnosis all over the world, so please feel free to contact me.***