Better Cesarean Birth HypnosisReduce fear, reduce complications, and quicken healing time with a Hypnosis for Better Cesarean Birth.

Cesareans are one of the most common surgeries that women undergo. For a mama taking care of a baby, faster healing with hypnosis means more mobility, less anxiety, less depression, and a better bonding with the baby. 

Sometimes cesareans are necessary for medical reasons. Hypnosis can help you heal faster and have less scar tissue. That translates into being able to take care of the baby faster and more easily. It can also help address fears. Some women are terrified of having a cesarean. All kinds of fears come up. Some women have never had surgery or even been in a hospital before. Some don’t want anesthesia and have fears around it. Some have heard horror stories. These fears can be reduced with hypnosis.

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Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth

Faster Healing with Hypnosis

Consider this study out of Harvard of hypnosis with women who had breast surgery. The hypnosis group healed significantly faster than the non-hypnosis group. Here’s another study that found the same thing. Wound healing was significantly faster at the p <.001 level. For those of you who are not statisticians, that means hypnosis blew it out of the water.

This hypnosis addresses:

  • Reducing anxiety before the surgery.
  • Keeping calm during the surgery.
  • Bonding with your baby during and immediately following the surgery.
  • Faster and less painful healing of the tissues.
  • Having your milk come in easily and quickly.
  • Feeling back to normal quickly and easily.
  • Bonding with your baby in your early days of motherhood.

Part of the hypnosis script:

“It’s perfectly fine to place your attention elsewhere when they’re prepping your body, knowing that you’ll be present at the beautiful moment of birth . . . You have the ability to just drift off to a beautiful serene place if you like . . . imagining the moment when you’ll see your baby . . . Or you can stay present but will feel nothing but excitement and happiness to be meeting your baby and seeing their face for the first time.

Your body and your mind will stay relaxed and you’ll feel happy that you’re about to meet your baby. . . . Your heart rate will stay steady, beating steadily and calmly for both you and your baby . . . All the sounds of the operating room will drift into the background . . . If you’re spoken to directly you’ll be able to easily answer. . . Otherwise conversation will drift into a peaceful reassuring sound . . .The birth will go perfectly and your body will naturally control any bleeding and keep it to a minimum, with your heart rate keeping steady and calm for you and your baby. . . And this will help you recover quickly completely and comfortably.”

Better Cesarean Birth Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth


How to use this hypnosis

How many days:  I recommend listening to the Hypnosis for 1-2 weeks before your surgery but even ONE time will be effective!

For daytime:  You can listen to the hypnosis during the day. If you play it during the day, you will be easily able to go about your day at the end of it.

For nighttime:  I often recommend that you put the hypnosis on while you fall asleep, face down (so the light does not mess up your sleep patterns), and let the file play. There is a suggestion at the end that if you need to stay asleep, you will sleep well the whole night, only waking up if you need to; otherwise waking up rested and energized for the day ahead.

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