Welcome! Skyler Hamilton is interviewed by Dr. Liz about how she healed her Multiple Sclerosis  (MS) and how her husband used hypnosis to reduce side-effects of chemotherapy to the point where he was able to run 3 miles a day during his treatments and not miss a day of work.

Please note that hypnosis is not a cure for medical conditions but is discussed in this episode as a way to reduce side-effects and reframe treatment as healing and strength-giving.

We’ll Learn:

  • Skyler’s first experiences with hypnosis through free diving and a 46 minute birth of her second child.
  • How Skyler used hypnosis to go from being in a wheelchair with home health aides to heal her own MS.
  • How her husband used hypnosis to reduce side-effects of chemotherapy treatment and live years past his original estimate of 18 months.
  • How her husband uses hypnosis to maintain his progress.
  • How hypnosis works on a cellular level.
  • Skyler’s work with Opioid addiction and Opioid recovery and the transformation she begin to see with hypnosis.
  • Skyler’s research on hypnosis for healing on the cellular level.

**Correction:  Skyler refers to Hep B when she is speaking about addiction when she meant to say Hep C.

04/2020 Update:  If you would like to work with or be part of her research, contact Dr. Skyler Hamilton at 407-326-9072 or healingpassages7@gmail.com. Her website is http://www.healingbelief.com/


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